Friday, June 24, 2005


Yankees. After opening a can of whupass' on the last place Tampa Bay Devil Rays Wednesday, the Yankees go ahead... and lose, again, to the same last place team. New York just cannot seem to finish an opponent off. The Rays, as sorry and poorly funded a franchise as the league has ever seen, seem to have New York's number. 23 games below .500 on the year against everyone else... and 7-4 versus the colossus that is Steinbrenner's Yankees. Forgetting NY's underachieving starting rotation for a moment, one rather pressing issue is the lineup hitting on a feast or famine basis. Although aged CF'er Bernie Williams had a banner night at the dish last night, everyone else's lumber was a'slumber. For the most part, the box scores have been filled with "0 and 1 fer's." Further, the team again poked opportunity in the eye. With bases loaded and no one out in the 8th, the team managed to score... zero runs. A championship caliber team simply cannot afford to squander such scoring chances, but the Yanks do it with troubling regularity. And oh yes, need I mention the Yankees terrible baserunning? Need I mention how frequently Cather Jorge Posada has been gunned down with 10 or more feet to spare? Need I mention how many times 3rd base coach Luis Sojo has pinwheeled runners to certain doom? Need I mention that a $200+ million dollar franchise should not be making such rudimentary mistakes?
Alas, this could well be the state of things for the final 2/3 (or so) of NY's season. The team looks like a world beater one night... and an egg beater the next. Cashman, who eschewed starters Matt Clement (currently kicking ass and taking names for the Red Sock nation) and Jon Lieber (keeping Philly in contention) will be the first to place his head upon George's well-worn chopping block; Torre will follow. The trouble is... who will succeed Joe?


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Stop touchin my blog! said...

yo skillet!

i think the yanks will trade womack and get juan pierre or maybe kotsay. we need some fire and then some fire throwahz in the PEN! damn trading away YHANCEY! He is quality.

I still think we can win over the SAWX but it will depend (like the undergarment) on what trades are made. We must get pierre or kotsay for a true CF and then 1 starter and 1 or 2 more penners. Which starter do you think would help who is out there now? We cannot trade CANO or MING WING EDDYLEON. So what do we do ? What are weeeeeeeeee gonnnnnnnnna dew?

Painful to see them losing like this. I think a great visual of their true ability was when shefff got tossed out the other day. That gave them a mental lift to compete to true ability instead of coasting along being all mediocre. My hope is a kotsay or pierre shuckers some jive in their turkeys so we can compete on the level we should be @ which on paper is bordering on the obscene.

Lets grab em in tha' bizkits!


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