Wednesday, July 06, 2005


In the not-too distant future, many of you will be participating in fantasy drafts. Use this as a guide for those drafts. Everyone's got a pet QB... favorite RB... sleeper wideout etc.

The best piece of advice I can give you? Do NOT let favoritism cloud your judgement! Stocking up on Chiefs... or Packers... or Giants will doom you to bottom feeder status right out of the gate. Even long-time fantasy buffs have a tendency to lean towards athletes on favored teams. DONT!


1. Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning (Ridiculous pass catchers; could go for 50 TDs)
2. Minnesota Vikings: Daunte Culpepper (loss of Moss?)
3. Philadelphia Eagles: Donovan McNabb (If Owens is out, value drops)
4. Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre (Could drop due to weak O-line & Walker holdout)
5. Kansas City Chiefs: Trent Green (weak pass catchers affect his value)
6. Oakland Raiders: Kerry Collins (Has league's best WR corps)
7. St. Louis Rams: Marc Bulger (Bruce not getting younger, Holt's getting better)
8. Atlanta Falcons: Mike Vick (Crumpler + Jenkins' progress & White's potential= career year)
9. Seattle Seahawks: Matt Hasselback (If Alexander holds out passing game'll be ugly)
10. New England Patriots: Tom Brady (Solid, steady, under-rated fantasy value)
11. Denver Broncos: Jake Plummer (Error prone, aging #1 WR hurt value)
12. New Orleans Saints: Aaron Brooks (O will revolve around RB McAllister)
13. San Diego Chargers: Drew Brees (Real deal? We'll see, S.D faces 7 playoff teams)
14. Cincinatti Bengals: Carson Palmer (Watch for breakout year, could be top 7 QB in '06)
15. Jacksonville Jaguars: Byron Leftwich (New O will emphasize vertical passing game... where is WR talent? RB Taylor may miss season opener)
15A Buffalo Bills: J.P Losman (A tie, poised young gunslinger, standout wideouts, elite run game... could be a surprise team)
16. Houston Texans: David Carr (Andre Johnson and... and..)
17. NY Jets: Chad Pennington (If shoulder is Ok, move him up 5 or so places)
18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger (Loss of Burress hurts passing game)
19. Tennessee Titans: Steve McNair (Just how much does the dude have left?)
20. Detroit Lions: Joey Harrington (Ridiculous trio of WRs, + RB Jones... if this ain't the year... "via con dios mi Joey!")
21. Dallas Cowboys: Drew Bledsoe (Aging WRs & an aging QB are a bad combo!)
22. Tampa Bay Buccs': Brian Griese (Clayton, new 'back should increase scoring opps')
23. NY Giants: Eli Manning (Iffy WR corps limits value, should improve tho)
24. Balt. Ravens: Kyle Boller (Coaches can't say enuff good things... improved pass catchers. We'll see!)
25. Chicago Bears: Rex Grossman (so-so WRs, run heavy philosophy limit talented QB)


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