Monday, September 19, 2005


Many of us have seen our fantasy Baseball seasons go down the tubes. Disappointing and or poor seasons from top notch hurlers such as Oakland's Rich Harden, the Yankees Big Unit, The Cubbies' Kerry Wood, Philly's Jon Lieber, and Toronto's Roy Halladay to name but a few... how 'bout the Closers? Armando "Osama" Benitez just returned from DL-land... no Closer is more "un-clutch." Or, how ya' likin' the decision Oakland's Octavio Dotel made, to have elective surgery? The Dodgers certainly miss the shut-down pitching of Eric Gagne... will he turn out to be a flash in the pan? The workload he was subjected to was ridiculous. Position players? Philly's power hitting 1st Baseman Jim Thome never got rolling; his season concluded on July 1st due to a right elbow that required surgery. The Chi-Sox's "Big Hurt" is ALWAYS hurt. Frank Thomas fractured a foot... he was toast, for good, July 21st or so. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were anxious to see what promising 3rd baseman Dallas McPherson was all about. Striking out once every 3 or so ABs and surgery on his left hip later... Anaheim still doesn't know what is has in Dallas. And, while I could certainly go on, Tampa Bay surely misses the speed and defense OF'er Rocco Baldelli brought to the plate. With luck, he'll be back in time for Spring Training.

Let's take a quick "Round' the Horn" look at some surprise "Keepers" for NEXT season.


Indians: Ben Broussard: This dude is coming on as strong as a Taxi Cab driver's body odor. Swatting .255/19/62, Broussard has been seeing the ball well, is a house 'afire of late, and seems to have cemented a place for himself within Cleveland's youth movement.

Braves: Adam LaRoche: I was singing LaRoches praises at the beginning of the season... and I again mentioned him in my "1st Baggers; Amid Season Report." While ageless wonder Julio Franco's powerful bat has forced Atlanta to play him, costing LaRoche valuable plate appearances... there is no doubt that the young LaRoche is part of Atlanta's future. Currently, LaRoche is hitting .254/17/71 and has a mere 77 Ks in almost 420 ABs.

Phillies: Ryan Howard: Here's another athlete I promoted due to his prodigious power potential! Although he's no youngster, born in '79... Howard's been trapped behind Jim Thome. Once Thome went down with that elbow thing... it cleared the way for this kid. With a line of .289/18/50 in a half season's worth of ABs... the future Philly 1st Sacker has an impressive SLG % of .549 and an OPS of .904.


Rockies: Clint Barmes: Barmes was a near lock for ROY honors until he suffered an injury that wiped out most of his season. Currently, the very versatile (he can play Short as well) Rockie is hanging a line of .302/9/39. His speed is an asset as well, and Barmes has 17 Doubles, a Triple, and 5 thieved bags in 285 plate appearances.

Devil Rays: Jorge Cantu: Cantu Can Do! Must I repeat myself... must I? Okay, I'm happy to- I on Cantu like white on rice. This guy's not only draftable... in a league boasting few power hitting 2nd sackers, Cantu and his ability to man other positions are "Keeper" worthy! As of today, Cantu's hitting a nifty .288/25/105, with 38 Doubles and an OPS of .809.

Brewers: Rickie Weeks: Weeks has great promise. He's probably not worth expending a Keeper slot upon... but he IS worthy of a mid-round flyer. Lookin' at his current diggies', the .238 batting average won't take your breath away... but the speed will. Weeks has 9 Doubles, 2 Triples, and has swiped 10 bags with only a single "caught stealing" to his record.



Kerry Collins will look like a world beater one moment... and an egg beater the next. Often times, the 2 side of Collins manifest themselves within the same series! Collins' value lies not in his arm... no, Collins' value lies in Randy Moss. Have you what Daunte Culpepper's done with the Moss-loss? C-Pepp has more turnovers than your local bakery! It would appear, Viking fans, that WR Nate Burleson is no #1 pass catcher. Further, that team is struggling to get it's ground game going. RB Onterrio Smith isn't the reason the team ran with such success last season... the Vikings' ability to run on opponents was attributable to the respect foes had to accord Culpepper to Moss. RN Mewelde Moore did little to impress yesterday, same thing with Michael Bennett. The Bears could even place higher than this Viking team.

More when I have time later


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