Saturday, September 17, 2005


Week 2 is here... and already, several teams are faced with... "Win or Die" games. The Jets, the Ravens and the Seahawks, in particular, have games that are essentially "win or else!"

Baltimore at Tennessee: Tennessee is awful and I think I reviewed this game in greater depth. Look for Jamal Lewis to have a breakout game against a ghastly run defense. Baltimore fans have their wish; backup QB Anthony Wright is the starter. Let's see if the guy, who DID take the team to the post-season a couple of years ago, capitalizes upon his opportunity. Oh yes.... I'd say Derrick Mason is a good WR start, as he will be facing his old team. A team that has a D-pleted and D-feated Secondary.

Buffaloat Tampa Bay: Man oh Manishevitz... here's a game I'd rather not pick. Selecting the winning numbers in last night's 250 Milly' lottery might be an easier task. Okay, I exaggerate. Still, whattya' make of Losman? Whattya make of Cadillac Williams? And whattya make of an aging but still formidable "Bucca-D?" I say Losman's the real deal, though he remains wet behind the ears and is kinda full of himself. I reviewed this game in far greater depth earlier... and stand by my pick. What I WILL say is that, if Buff' receives continued error-free Football from J.P, then this team WILL be tuffer than leather!

Detroitat Chicago: Too much O-talent for D-troit and too little experience for Chi-town rookie Kyle Orton. While the Lions prolly' won't have an easy time of it... the Bears will more than likely struggle to score points.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis Indy' continues to roll... For the Colts, much like Baseball's New York Yankees, the regular season is just a prelude... the opening act- We're really waiting for the post-season.

Minnesota at Cincinnati Please refer to my in-depth bust-down. Look for the Cats to maul Minny'... as Minny' won't be able to declaw both Cincy's run game AND it's passing game. Still, this game should be one of the most exciting shootouts since the O.K Corral last saw gun-play.

New Englandat Carolina: Please refer to... ahhh, you know- Anyway, Corey Dillon's physical style should put the Panthers back on their paws... softening them up for Tom Terrific and his travelling passing attack. Against a Pat D that had some difficulties containing the Raider run game, RB Stephen Davis is a "Must Start." I neglected to mention him. If Jake Delhomme can get rolling... Steve Smith could be a good start as well,

Pittsburghat Houston: Big Ben and "Fast Willie Parker" are a heckuva 1-2 act. Hines Ward should see a lot more action this week. I do NOT like Domanick "Double D" Davis against this agressive, swift, sure-tackling D. S Troy Polomalu is a playmaker and can clean clocks like a swiss watch-maker; a solid IDP play. The Steelers are tweaking the CBs. If anything, the Pitt' Secondary will be even more stout. Look for another chapter to be added to "The Legend of Roethlisberger." If the Texans do NOT do a better job protecting franchise QB David Carr... the team will be looking for a new franchise QB in very short order.

San Francisco at Philadelphia: San Fran' surprised last week. Tim Rattay is more than serviceable. Still, I look for a BIG day from former Forty-Niner T.O. C'mon, on this stage? In this game? T.O will play his little heart out. Speaking of which, team Docs HAVE determined... Owens DOES have a heart... he aided some of those displaced by the Hurricane. Props' 2TO. I wonder, out loud, how long until the Niners' see what they have in rookie runner, Frank Gore? Kevan Barlow isn't helped by poor line play... but Gore ran with greater success and determination behind that same line. You know, Kevan Barlow got his MegaMillions lotto-contract... and he has not been close to the same player since. I like RB Brian Westbrook as a starter in this tilt as well, by the way-

Atlanta at Seattle: Please read the breakdown that follows this particular article. Falc' back Warrick Dunn is a much niftier runner on Astro-turf'. RB T.J Duckett should see his work load increase.

St. Louis at Arizona: Both teams trot out largely fictional defenses. Nevertheless, 'Zona will see alot of powerful RB Steven Jackson... and good freaking luck to ANYONE trying to cover a quartet of WRs such as Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Kevin Curtis (I think he fantasy-factors into this game) and Shaun McDonald TE Brandon Manumaleuna, who ranks just behind Bengal WR T.J Houshmandzadeh in my "Names I hate to Type" list, is a viable fantasy TE in deeper leagues... Bulger, who after suffering through a 7 Sack Sunday MUST receive better protection, isn't averse to looking for the big TE when opposite the stripe.

Cleveland at Green Bay: In the NFL's Week 1 "No, I sucked More Contest" ... it was a neck and neck race between Favre and Pennington. Although C-Penn' edged Favre out by a fumble... it was awfully close! Let me tell ya', the Packer O-Line misses both its departed Guards (Rivera and Wahle) terribly. Although I am goin' with the Pack' this week... it's NOT because I think they are a superior team. In fact, the Lions could edge the Pack out in the offensively volatile NFC North. Look for Donald Driver, who's now been moved over and is playing J-Walk's position, and Robert Ferguson to get plenty of looks from Brett Sunday. If you'll recall, Driver was a Pro Bowler at this position a couple of years ago. Likewise, TE Bubba Franks, who has averaged 5 TDs a season since his rookie year, should get a few balls thrown his way as well. It wouldn't be surprising if Mike Sherman pounds away at the Cleveland front with RBs Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport, in order to loosen the Secondary up. Check the Sunday notes and see who Cleveland's starting back is... most likely, Reuben Droughns will receive the bulk of the carries. The Brown back should be able to run on a Packer D that is as porous as a colander.

Miami at N.Y. Jets: While LaVeranues Coles and the out-of-nowhere game from Chris "Touchdown Maker" Baker were welcome sights to Jet fans... holy crap, did Pennington have a game that will long be remembered! Is Chad over-rated? Sure looks like it. Plus, the dude's arm can NOT be right. If it is... well, then... the more ardent, passionate Jet fans may wish to start making arrangements for therapy and anger management classes. Ronnie Brown will take another baby step, though LB Jonathan Vilma will be there to see that he falls... Chris Chambers and Marty Booker should start as well... cause Randy McMichael will demand attention from the NY Secondary as well. Ty Law should be a solid IDP play this week.

San Diego at Denver: Marine Mike, so long as he's able, will start ahead of Tatum Bell. Speaking of whom, Bell was silenced on several Goalline touches last week, pissing Shanny off to no end. While the 2nd year runner should see plenty of touches betwixt the 20's... the Red-Zone carries are all the gritty Anderson's. Drew Brees gets his best on-field friend back, Antonio Gates. Damn if that team didn't miss his height, hands, and ups in the red-zone last week! Believe it or not, Gates's suspension was a TEAM issue (the team was burnt by his pre-season machinations, he was protesting his contract).... talking about slicing your nose to spite your boring face. Anyway, the play calling was curious in this one as well Charger back LT... who has receiving skills that the equal of ANY NFL receivers, snared nary a pass last week. Look for a more balanced attack... and for the Chargers to beat a Denver team that will have to start thinking about a successor to Jake Plummer.

Kansas Cityat Oakland: A fantasy Football dream! Randy Moss, and Joey Porter, LaBamba Jordan, Priest and Larry, plus Tony and Trent G. and lest we forget QB Kerry C.? A final score of 38-31 wouldn't be a shocker. KC's D, as improves as it is, will oppose a top tier passing game. This game will serve as a defensive barometer for the Chiefs. Look for LB Derrick Johnson to have another big game... and I think the Chiefs will whoop it up!

N.Y. Giants at New Orleans: This game has upset special written all over it. However, I think the G-Man defensive line could be the key to victory. Strahan should gobble up the rook' the Saints are starting opposite him... and, at the same time, N.O has troubles containing speed rushers. Osi Umenyiora could have a big day. Likewise, Deuce McAllister will be the recipient of 28 or so touches... if the Giants can keep him in relative check, they shhould be in good shape. Although Joe Horn and Donte' Stallworth were non-factors last week... look for a slightly more aggressive passing game from Haslett and the Saints. Still, all things being equal, I like the G-Men to build off of last week's impressive win and beat a team riding an emotional roller-coaster on Monday night.

Washington at Dallas: How much fun is this game! We're playin' Cowboys and Indians! Washington has a top-notch defensive unit... a Pro Bowl Running Back, and serious issues at QB. Bledsoe impressed everyone including himself last week. I wouldn't look for huge fantasy numbers from Clinton Portis... might even be one of those 17-13 games, w/Parcells' 'Boys vicotiously riding off into the sunset


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