Monday, September 26, 2005


NY Jet fans are gluttons for punishment... For years, the team lacked credible QB play. Oh sure, the team trotted out legendary Field Generals such as Richard Todd (who among us will forget Todd's implosion against the Miami Dolphins and the "Killer B" D?)... Kenny O'Brien... Rick Mirer... stop me if I'm hurting those of you who bleed green and white. However, Marshall product Chad Pennington was drafted in '00 ... and he quickly captured the hearts and minds of the Jet faithful. But... alas, his fame has been erected upon the scaffold of a single glorious season! In 2002, when he started 12 games, Chad penned a 3,120/22/6 season, with a Passer Rating of 104.2. What did he do for an '03 encore? 9 games started, 2,139/13/12 ... with a P/R of 82.9. ... How's about '04 you say? Better, but still nothing to write mom about; in 13 contests, Chad hung 2,673/16/9, P/R of 91.0 ... Jet fans have said, "our boy's injured, just you wait until he gets healthy... then you'll see what he's REALLY made of." Jet team surgeons have had the opportunity to see what he's made of... several times over! While I don't doubt Pennington's willingness to surrender his body... I DO question whether or not that body has the stuff neccessary to succeed in the NFL. Chad's ego writes checks his body just can't cash. Yesterday, the Jet pilot went down with another shoulder injury! Worse still for the Jets, his backup, former 'Phin starter and local boy Jay Fiedler (I went to school with both Jay and his brother, Scott... Scott's not famous by the way), went down with an arm injury as well. An injury team sources claim is more serious than Pennington's. From both a team and fan's perspective, this is umm, B-A-D. Pennington's play had been erratic at best to this point, but at least he shared chemistry with WR Laveranues Coles and TE Chris "Touchdown Maker" Baker. Now, the best thing for such an injury is of course, rest. But with Fiedler also injured, it would appear as if backup to the backup Brooks Bollinger will have to ride to the Jets' collective rescue.

It's only Week 3 and already... the Jets threaten to crash.... and burn


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