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This season is moving with all the speed and "giddy up" of a Roger Clemens Fastball; It's Week 3 already peeps! Some rather alarming trends have begun to manifest themselves...
1. Viking QB Daunte' Culpepper leads his "All Amish Offense."
2. Raven Jamal Lewis is apparently afraid to step on opposing defenders toes.
3. The vaunted Colt passing game has given way to a defensive rennaissance.
4. The chief Chief back is, apparently, Larry Johnson.

I could go on... but this article isn't intended to depress. Let us look at some skill po' matchups for the NFL's Week 3!

Eagle Donovan McNabb: Some owners scratching their heads when the Eagle Field General was picked off once, sacked twice, and lost 2 Fumbles against Atlanta Week 1. Fear not fantasy friends, McNabb was McFab' last week! A 5 TD, 340+ yard passing day was more than enough to assuage hurt fantasy feelings.
This week, against an Oakland Defense that surrendered 300+ yards and 2 TDs to Tom Brady and his merry band of Patriots Week 1, McNabb and T.O should put on quite a show. Donovan and Scatback Brian Westbrook also work well together. Westbrook is coming off of a very solid, 120 total yard, 1 TD game and... as I predicted last week, Owens and TE L.J Smith afforded Westy' lots of room to run underneath. *NOTE: Check on McNabb's physical status... he's a bit nicked up. But again, as I said last week in the forum during the Sunday morning chat, McNabb's a warrior... and unless his arm drops off, McNabb's gonna go.

Colts Peyton Manning: Everyone who is waiting for Manning's breakout game... set aside a bag of chips, a 6 pack o'.. anything, and a pot of Chili. Manning's gonna set it off against a weak Cleveland D this week. Incidentally, I like both Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark in this one.

Rams Marc Bulger: Bulger stewards an offense laden with talent. In fact, the Ram O is SO good... that the team would be a near lock to represent in Detroit come the SuperBowl... if the team could field even a semblance of a defense. The Ram QB ranks 5th among NFL Signal Callers in terms of passing yards. Week 1 saw Bulger torch a sorry San' Fran D to the tune of 362 yards and 2 TDs. However, the play calling was SO imbalanced... Bulger recorded a stunning 56 attempts. Last week, Bulger found himself mired in the sands of Arizona; 216 yards, 1 INT and 1 TD was a poor encore. This week though, Bulger faces a Tennessee D that allowed young Ben Roethlisberger to light them up (week 1) for 250 + yards and 2 TDs on 9 completions. Although the Titans were more taut last week, ceding a mere 212 yards and 1 TD through the air... that performance came against a wayward Raven team and a backup QB, Anthony Wright. Bulger and his pass catching contingent should have a much easier time of it this week, more so because RB Steven Jackson is on his game... and the Ram receivers tower head and shoulders over the Raven receivers.

Saints Aaron Brooks: Brooks is bubbling with enthusiasm. No longer expected to carry the weight of the offense upon his shoulder pads... Brooks and the passing game take their cues from burly Saint back, Deuce McAllister. The powerful back sets up the potent passing game as opposed to it being the other way around, as in seasons past. Brooks, a fine yardage league QB, has already thrown for 567 yards. The song remains the same, however. Aaron Brooks can move the team up and down the field... but he simply can't get it into the end-zone... and he continues to agitate the coaching staff by handing the ball back to the opponent. Against the Giants Monday, Brooks hung 375 passing yards. Great, right? Ahhh, not so much. Brooks also tossed 3 picks and fumbled once. Same old same old. This week, however, Brooks faces a Viking D that was torn to shreds by Bengal QB Carson Palmer. While Palmer's pass catchers, and particularly Chad Johnson, are amongst the best in the business... Saint receivers Joe Horn and Donte' Stallworth are no slouches. Further, the "Purple Gang" is seemingly opposed to tackling the ball carrier, good news for Deuce's owners. Brooks, Horn and McAllister are all great fantasy starts this week, as the Vikings' troubles won't be solved over the course of 1 week.

Steelers Ben Roethlisberger: Big Ben faces a Patriot Secondary that gave Raiduh' Kerry Collins the keys to the car; 265 passing yards and a trio of TDs.

Cowboys Drew Bledsoe: Blesdsoe gets to pad his numbers against a sad-sack San' Fran' Secondary that saw Marc Bulger score at will Week 1; 362 yards and a pair of scores... and "D-Nabb" and T.O" lit 'em up like the Christmas Tree at Rockerfeller Center last week; 342 yards and 5 TDs.

Packers Brett Favre: Sure, Favre torched the Browns last week... but against anything that might resemble a real D... he could struggle. Week 1, the Lions held Favre and friends to a measly 201 passing yards, forced him to Fumble twice, Sacked him 4 times, picked him twice. This week? Against a scary-good Tampa Bay D, Favre's a poor gamble.

Jets Chad Pennington: Pennington had a solid... if unspectacular, 190 yard/2 TD game last week. However, he faces a Jacksonville team that positively stymied Peyton Manning last week, and Matt Hasselbeck the week before.

Falcons Mike Vick: Look, we all realize that Vick's a dangerous... no, frighteningly talented athlete. Those skills do not, however, manifest themselves in the fantasy arena. Against a Buffalo Bill D that punctured Carr's tires Week 1... he took the Texans nowhere... and rendered Brian Griese into nothing more than an ornamental passer last week... Vick's a poor start. The Bill 'Backers will do their collective best to keep him contained.


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