Friday, September 23, 2005


Week 3 "Must Start Running Backs"

Bengals Rudi Johnson: Johnson will be facing a rough, tough, n' gruff group o' Bears. Running with excellent balance and a low pad level, Johnson's rarely dropped by the first defender. With his impressive durability and aggressive running style, Johnson has become a true #1 fantasy back. Although Washington's Clinton Portis skinned the Bears for 121 rushing yards Week 1, the unit kept the Lions' "mane" back in relative check last week. "KJ's" pride was bruised when the Chi-town Backers held him to 22 yards on 8 carries.
Still, the Lion Signal Caller doesn't hold a candle to Cincy' QB Carson Palmer... and I ain't "lyin!" With Chad johnson, T.J Houshmandzadeh and Chris Henry at Palmer's beck and call... Rudi could find himself in space once he gets past the first tier o' tacklers.

Bears Thomas Jones: Fantasy owners delight in riding Bear back! Although the team drafted Cedric Benson with the intent of ramming him down opposing defenders throats, Benson's protracted holdout, coupled with Thomas Jones' more than impressive performance, has rendered the rookie a fantasy non-factor. Thomas Jones went on a rampage last week, rolling for almost 160 combined yards and 2 scores on the Lions. Facing the Bengals this week... assuming Chicago's cub QB can maintain the illusion of a passing game, Thomas Jones could hang close to a C-note plus a score.

Rams Steven Jackson: Look, head coach Mike Martz has a love affair with the passing game; that much we all understand. Wide Receivers Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Kevin Curtis are a near peerless trio. And, with productive QB Marc Bulger at the epicenter of the po-tent passing attack, it's easy to understand Martz's school-boy crush. However, Martz MUST call a more balanced game plan... and even he knows as much. Over the span of Weeks 1 and 2, the feature back hasn't totalled 40 carries. For a back of Jackson's caliber... that's downright inexcusable. Last week, against a Cardinal D that was widely assumed (going into the season) to be one of the leagues' stingier units, Jackson ran for 93 yards and a score on 18 carries; that's an average of 5.2 YPC. Look for Steven Jackson to receive a heavier workload against a Tennessee D that was gashed by Pittsburgh's surprise feature back, Willie Parker (week1)... but closed the lights on the Raven running game last week. Rest assured my fantasy friends... against St. Louis' infinitely more talented offense... the Titan D will fold like a cheap suit.

Saints Deuce McAllister: I'm sayin' that Deuce is gonna shake loose this week against the Vikings' Amish defense. While Beng' back Rudi Johnson didn't cross the stripe last week, there was hardly a need since QB Carson Palmer and his receivers ran a pass and catch clinic! Saint Signal Caller Aaron Brooks may be prone to lapses in judgement, but he's no longer expected to carry the offense; that task has fallen to Deuce and the running game. Thus the damage that Brooks and his "mental midgetry" can affect has been minimized. Look for WRs Joe Horn and Donte' Stallworth to loosen the Viking D up... and McAllister WILL take advantage of the space afforded him. It'd be shocking if the Vikes keep him under 110 yards and a duce of scores.

Buccaneers Carnell Williams: Carnell "Cadillac" Williams is building a rock solid "Rookie of the Year" case for himself. What can you say? The Caddy's been EVERY opposing D's daddy! He's durable, he doesn't run so much as he glides, and he's as elusive as that chicken Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) tried to corner when he was training to fight Clubber Lang... I think it was.
In his first 2 pro games, Williams has hung 51 carries, 276 yards, and 2 TDs. The dude is no 3 yards and a cloud o' dust runner either. Williams ran for a long of 70 yards week 1, and against a formidable Buffalo D... he notched a long of 31 yards (en route to a total of 128 yards) last week. Look for Carnell to gobble up a Green Bay D that, while better against the run than pass, is still as ugly as... yup! You guessed it! Mike Tyson in pumps and a cocktail dress.

Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson: If St. Louis is under-working their Running Back... that coach Marty Schottenheimer is playing the "You're Invisible and I'm Ignoring You" game with money runner L.T. Another back who's yet to eclipse 20 totes in a game, Schotty's play calling is particularly curious as the Charger air attack doesn't hold a candle to that of St. Louis! While Tomlinson hasn't rung up the yards... he has notched the TDs with 3 in 2 games. Interestingly enough, for a Running Back with a wideout's mitts, LT has yet to snare a pass. Look for Tomlinson and the run game to give the NY Giants all they can handle this week.

Cowboys Julius Jones: Jones and Co. face a Frisco' D was driven to distraction by Philly' Scatback Brian Westbrook.

Steelers Willie Parker: He should have a solid day against a Patriot D that has had lots of trouble with opposing runners.

Seahawks Shaun Alexander: This 'Hawk took flight last week (155 total yards and a TD) against a pretty tight Falcon D. Look for him to hang even better diggies' against a disappointing Cardinal D.

Patriots Corey Dillon: Facing a swift, sure-tackling Steeler D... uh-uh, not this week. Dillon has yet to find his groove.
Packers Ahman Green: Against a swarming, resurgent Buccaneer D, Green's going to be a poor play. I have a felling that Favre will be throwing early and often in this one.

Falcons Warrick Dunn: Dunn was a "Should Sit" reccomendation last week.. and he is again. Dunn can't seem to make the same kinds of cuts on natural grass. I'd play fellow Falc' T.J Duckett before Dunn. Ducket, at least, will see the Goalline carries.


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