Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Need a fantasy Forward?
Look at rooks' Sean May and Charlie Villanueva. Although May has benefited from an injury-thinned lineup... he still ranks as a credible back-up forward.
Villanueva has hung gaudy digits in back-to-back games now, and could be a solid Double/Double guy. The Raptors C/PF Chris Bosh demands a helluva' lot of defensive attention, as does SG Jalen Rose. Villanueva has moves, can drain a 3, can clean the glass like Windex, and has a high shooting %.

Need a Guard? Check out Seattle Supersonic Luke Ridnour and Phoenix Sun Boris Diaw. Ridnour has been touted as "the 2nd coming of John Stockton." I don't know 'bout that as Stockton was oily-slick, had eyes in the back of his head, and was capable of stopping, popping, and dropping at will. Ridnour does, however, have admirable ball skillz'; he can dish the ball through a postage-stamp sized opening, he can Rebound, he'll notch some Steals, and Ridnour can drain the Three. The concerns? Ridnour's been about as reliable as the Stock Market over the course of the still-young season. His shooting % is abysmal; capable of shooting upwards of 60% from the floor, the young PG is also capable of a 1 fer' evening. In addition, he records way too many Turnovers and (depending upon the way your league tallies points) he can hurt you with Fouls.
Sun coach Mike D'Antoni has really been impressed by Diaw's versatility. PG Steve Nash is no spring chicken, 2nd-year Guard Leandro Barbosa hasn't been lights-out (though he's been solid when called upon), and SF Shawn Marion can't be expected to carry the scoring burden when Nash needs pine-time. With a good first step and quick hands Diaw can drive the lane AND thief' the ball, he's also capable of popping the clutch three. Look for the Sun Guard to rise as the season progresses.


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