Monday, November 28, 2005


So, ESPN analyst and "Canton-wanna' be" Michael Irvin is busted for speeding... and the Stateys' find "drug paraphenalia" in his ride. The State Troopers arrested the former Cowboy star because he had an outstanding warrant for speeding in Texas... a warrant he apparently ignored, and this stack of dominoes led the officers to search Irvin's car. The Hall of Fame semi-finalist was released after about an hour... but the damage has been done.

Is it unreasonable to expect our sports immortals to be flawless? Absolutely. However, it is NOT unreasonable to expect our Hall of Fame enshrinees to adhere to the laws of the land, and it is NOT unreasonable to expect our immortals to be law abiding members of the community at large. Due to Irvin's past transgressions, quite frankly... one would think the guy would be a little more discrete. Naturally, Michael claimed that the items weren't his and they belonged to "a friend." Yeah, that friend would be his personal demon. Football talking heads and Irvin supporters have issued statements of support, claiming that Mike's a "changed man," and that "if Mike say's the items belong to someone else... then they must." C'mon people! Given everything Irvin stands to lose; a cushy and lucrative ESPN gig, his Canton-candidacy, his FAMILY... Irvin has EVERY reason to lie.

Let us assume, for the moment, that Michael Irvin IS found guilty of possession of narcotic paraphenalia. I believe his career, and potential Hall of Fame bust, will ride upon the substance he's still using. While still a member of the Cowboys Irvin was tagged' for using both Crack Cocaine and Marijuana. However, socially... Weed is viewed as light stuff, a penny-ante offense. Crack Cocaine... rightly or wrongly, is viewed much differently. Crack's a whole other animal; a carnivorous animal that devours careers, lives, families, everything around it.

As any employer is bound to do (be it ethically or legally), ESPN should force Irvin to pursue professional counseling for his substance abuse issues BEFORE Allowing him to resume his analyst position. Substance abuse is not acne... and it's not a bad Flu. 30 days of Re-hab' can't correct years of poor choices and physical and mental addiction. Again, given Irvin's prior history... ESPN should have known better, and perhaps they did. I have often wondered, while watching the "Sunday Morning Countdown," as to whether or not Irvin was high while on-air. Very often his eyes would be mere slits in his face, and his comments and behavior were curious at best.

Time will tell. However, IF Irvin IS found guilty of possession... it would make me ill to see Irvin inducted alongside such stellar men as John Elway, Walter Payton, and Earl Campbell to name but a few. Once Irvin truly addresses the issues that besiege him... then, perhaps, he warrants Hall of Fame induction. Until that time however, and this IS assuming he's found guilty, the only place Michale Irvin belongs is a good Rehab' facility.


How bad are the NY coaches?
Can you tell me, please, why Giant coach Tom Coughlin allowed Kicker Jay Feeley to attempt yet a 3rd 40+ yard attempt when his confidence was obviously shot? Can you tell me why Coughlin would allow his Kicker to attempt a 54 Yarder? Thus allowing Seattle mid-field position? After Giant Running Back Tiki Barber ripped off a long OT run that put his team at roughly Seattle's 40 yard line... why did Coughlin essentially sit on the ball? No doubt in my mind, the Giants should have tried to get as close to the 20 yard-line as possible. Clearly, Feeley's confidence was blown. After 4 1/2 Quarters, the Giant defenders were exhausted, and 'Hawn back Shaun Alexander was able to impose his will upon them. However, this loss is NOT attributable to Big Blue's OT break-down. No, this loss is directly attributable to coach Tom Coughlin's poor decisions, and it WILL come back to haunt the team, mark my words.

Why would ANYONE expect anything less from Gang-Green? Why would ANYONE expect anything more from coach Herm Edwards. Much like their NY brethren, the Jets and their coach played for the TIE. Why... oh why, would Edwards kick an Extra Point that put his team up by a useless 2 points? Even the announcers were boggled by Edwards' downright stoopid' decision. With RB Curtis Martin running well, the 2-point conversion would almost certainly have been successful. I can tell you this much, a 2 point conversion would have put the Jets up by 3 points... and that could've made a huge difference. After the Jets scored late in the 4th, the Saints got the ball back... but foolishly, went 3 and out and ran like... bupkiss off the clock. That put the ball back in the Jets hands... for nothing.


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