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Baltimore at Cincinnati: "Although Balty' DID beat the defensive minded Steelers last week... Pittsburgh and Cincy' are worlds apart. … Balty's been solid against the run and stout versus the pass. However, … Carson had a rock-solid 335 yard, 2 TD game last week against a stingy Colt Secondary (last week), and with a pass catching contingent of Chad Johnson (8/189/1 last week), T.J Houshmanzadeh (virtual non-factor last week), Chris Henry (3/31/1)... but snagged a scoring strike for a 2nd straight week), and scat-back Chris Perry (123 total yards on a scant 12 touches)... Palmer has a formidable arsenal at hand. With RB Rudi Johnson pounding away at a Raven run D that permits fewer than 100 rushing YPG, Palmer should enjoy modest success Sunday. ... The Raven offense is vanilla, at best. QB Kyle Boller is just not starting material, and when you couple RB Jamal Lewis's oft-discussed troubles with an under-achieving passing game... you have a recipe for offensive ineptitude."

Cincinnati Signal Caller Carson Palmer surveyed the Raven Secondary… and said to himself “I can beat these guys.” With RB Rudi Johnson (114/2) slamming himself between the Balty’ Tackles, Palmer was able to pick the Raven Secondary apart, hanging 300+, 3 TDs, and a pair o’ picks on ‘em. Not helping matters for the Ravens (given their Hi-Powered O, Cincy' needs NO help at all)… QB Kyle Boller’s "turnover troika;" 2 picks and 1 lost fumble (he put 2 MORE balls on the ground but recovered 'em). Cin’ City turned Baltimore’s generosity into points- and it was almost too easy. Indeed, the Bengal skill po’ players were all fine fantasy starts: WR Chad Johnson followed up his ill Week 11 performance with a 5/88/1 encore, WR T.J Houshmandzadeh reminded Palmer of his presence and blew UP for 147 receiving yards and a touch’ on 9 grabs, and steadily improving rook’ receiver Chris Henry (3/55/1) found the ‘Zone for a 3rd straight week. Baltimore scored 3- 3rd Quarter TDs within a 4 minute and 49 second span and they “narrowed” the deficit to 21-34, but there was simply no WAY the out-gunned, injury-thinned Ravens were going to beat the Playoff-starved and offensively ravenous Bengals. As for the wing-clipped Ravens, there were a few bright spots. RB Jamal Lewis’s frustrating run of feeble games came to an end, as he cranked out his first 100+ yard rushing effort OF THE SEASON! Lewis ran for 113 yards and a score on 23 totes, and added 36 receiving yards for good measure. With QB Kyle Boller healthy and handling the Signal Calling duties for Baltimore, TE Todd Heap is once again a weekly “Must Start.” Boller has a eyes for Heap, and the sure-handed TE hauled in 6 passes for 87 yards and a pair of TDs. WR Derrick Mason also found the End-Zone, it was his first such trip since Week 2. Look, Boller is a liability back there… but he’s probably better than backup Anthony Wright. Next week the Ravens oppose the defensively-meek Houston Texans, and I’d expect a Heap’in helpin’ o’ TE receptions. Derrick Mason should also flourish against a Texan defensive backfield that just allowed Ram rookie nobody Ryan Fitzpatrick to post a line of 300+/3, and RB Jamal Lewis may have finally found his groove. The Bengs’ schedule isn’t quite as gracious as they are forced to knock helmets with a surly Steeler squad. After Monday Night’s loss to the Colts… a loss that saw Peyton and pals roll up over 365 yards of total offense, the Steelers have an axe to grind. However, even with the hairy-human-missile that is Safety Troy Polamalu playing lights-out Football… the Steel City Secondary remains a weak-link. That, my friends, plays perfectly into Cincy’s pass-happy paws. Look for both QB Carson Palmer and WR Chad Johnson to pick on young Pitt’ CB Ike Taylor. Pittsburgh’s D-backfield… like so many, will be unable to match-up with Cincy’s trio of top-tier receivers, and I like WR Chris Henry as a sneaky-good “Flex”/WR 3 start. Although Colt stud RB Edgerrin James eclipsed 100 yards on the ground against ‘em, RB Rudi Johnson is an iffy start against the Steelers’ 4th ranked run D.

St. Louis at Houston: “With Jamie Martin over Center... this team isn't quite so good offensively. Defensively? Defensively they're abysmal. However... we're talkin' Houston here. Still, with WR Andre' Johnson and RB Domanick Davis playing good Football, it's not inconceivable that Houston sneaks off with a W. S-Jax's inexplicably poor day against the Arizona Cardinals last week was... it's.. well, it's inexplicable, frankly. This week, Jackson faces a herd of human turnstiles; the Houston Texans. Look for Jax' to get back on track Sunday... and even with Jamie Martin over Center, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, and Kevin Curtis are all "Must Start" pass catchers. The Ram offense sorely needs a pass catching TE, however. And oh yeah... forgot to mention one other thing. THE RAMS NEED DEFENDERS WHO CAN ACTUALLY DEFEND!”

After re-injuring his balky shoulder, QB Marc Bulger was back stalking the sidelines in a soft-cap. Once again, the offense belonged to backup-slinger Jamie Martin… until Martin suffered a slight concussion. Martin was spotted on the sidelines, apparently shaking his head “no” when asked if he could return to the game. So, down by 21 points at the Half and reduced to their 3rd-string Signal Caller… naturally the game was over, right? Wrong! Harvard grad’ and 7th round pick QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (310, 3 TDs, 1 INT) rode to the Rams’ rescue. I gotta’ tell you, the Rams were STILL losing by 10 points with less than 3 minutes remaining in regulation. Does the fact that St. Louis scored 16 points (not to mention a 21 point comeback) within that same time span say more about Fitzpatrick and his teammates… or is it a condemnation of Houston’s unbelievably bad defense? Dunno’, don’t care. In the 3rd, Fitz’ hooked up with Torry Holt (10/130/1) for a 19 yard TD pass. In the 4th, with less than 7 minutes remaining, RB Steven Jackson (110/1) found the End-Zone on a short 1 yard run, and that made the score 17-24. Houston QB David Carr enjoyed a season-best (293, 3 TD, 1 INT) game (and one of his best EVER as a pro), and with 3 minutes left in the 4th… drove his team downfield, allowing K Kris Brown to drill a 35 yard FG. With the score now 27-17 in favor of the Texans, the Rams’ new starter…a bright kid given his Harvard background, refused to say die. Fitzpatrick hit WR Isaac Bruce (4/94/1) in stride, and Reverend Ike crossed into the “6 Point Promised Land” on a beautifully thrown 43 yard bomb- thus making the score 27-24, Houston. By this point there wasn’t even half a minute left in Reg’… no problem, right? Wrong! Improbably, the Rams successfully recovered the Onsides kick, Fitz’ connected with Holt for a 19 yard gain, and Ram Kicker Jeff Wilkins was CASH-MONEY from distance (47 loooong yards). The Houston D was just a bold-faced lie, and with 9 seconds left in Reg’ the Rams had the score knotted at 27, having mounted one of THE most amazing comebacks in recent memory. With that, both clubs went to “bonus-ball.” Houston won the OT coin-flip… but they were unable to move the ball and were forced to punt. After a pair of short Steven Jackson runs and a pair of Torry Holt receptions (30 yards worth), Fitz’ tossed a short Screen Pass to the Rams’ #3 receiver Kevin Curtis… and “K-Curt” ran 56 yards through the Texan defenders and found the End-Zone. Game OVER! This has to be one of the single most painful losses in Houston history. But as ghastly-bad as the Texan D was… the Houston O, at least, showed signs of a pulse, and the team can draw some small solace from that. As projected in “Pick ‘em” and discussed in the fantasy Football chat-room on Sunday morning, both Texan skill po’ players were worthy starts, and WR Andre’ Johnson was a fantasy stud. Johnson… a man who desperately needs a complementary pass catcher, snared a dozen passes for 159 yards and a score. RB Domanick Davis (120 total yards 1 TD) has been one of the O’s few constants, and QB David Carr (again) enjoyed a season-best Sunday. Carr posted a P/R of 116.4, and was 25 of 34 for 294 yards, with 3 TDs and an INT. Going forward, Carr and his posse of Texans will clash with the beat-up Baltimore Ravens Sunday. While Carr’s no Palmer, Cincy’s Signal Caller systematically dismantled the Raven Secondary… and with a receiver like Andre’ Johnson at his beck and call, QB David Carr could be a sneaky-good start Sunday. Andre’ Johnson, going against Balty’s injury-thinned D-backfield, is a “Must Start” as is RB “Double-D Davis.” The Ravens have struggled to halt opposing backs, as demonstrated by Beng’ back Rudi-Rudi-RUDI This past Sunday. With potential fantasy Playoff berths on the line… “DD” is a solid “#2-3” fantasy back. The Rams face a tougher test this week as they must cross swords with a rowdy Redskin team. Washington has dropped its last 3 games by a combined 10 points, and most likely saw their playoff chances go the way of the Passenger Pigeon. However, with post-season hopes a’flicker and pride on the line, the ‘Skins are dangerous adversaries. The D is a hard-hitting group, but they HAVE proven vulnerable to the run… (please see this past weekend’s stats, Bolt’ back LaDainian Tomlinson did Washington UG-LEE). With both the #1 and 2 QBs out with injuries, Harvard man Ryan Fitzpatrick will most likely be the brains behind the Ram outfit again. I would not, however, expect to see another 300/3 outing from Fitz’ as the Redskin Secondary is Beef-Jerky-tuff. With the #3-man taking so few snaps to this point in the season, you can bet your paycheck that RB Steven Jackson will carry the bulk of San Diego’s mail Sunday. On the still-cooling heels of San Diego’s LT, I’m lovin’ “S-Jax” as a fantasy start Sunday. Torry Holt is always a “Must Start,” but trot both Isaac Bruce and Kevin Curtis out at your peril. The Redskins put the clamps on Drew Brees and his pass-catching contingent… and I would expect a young Signal Caller to receive similar treatment.

N.Y. Giants at Seattle: “The G-men have a G-d awful Secondary... and C-Hawk QB Matt Hasselbeck will be sure to exploit it. However, the 'Hawks make their living off of the run... and Big Blue should be prepared for a whole lotta' Shaun Alexander. … guys like Mike Strahan, Antonio Pierce, and Osi Umenyiora can put a hurtin' on a runner. "Alexander the Great" recorded yet another multi-TD game last week... but I think he'll find the going to be tougher this week. Still, Shaun-A is a "Must-Start." Both 'Beck and "Alexander the Great" will have solid afternoons. On the other side of the field, the G-Men will look to get the young Mann' rolling early. Manning dances with a C-Hawk Secondary that has given up double-diggie' TDs. … RB Tiki Barber, TE Jeremy Shockey and WRs Burress and Toomer are fine plays.”

Daaaaammmmn! Short of laying down and allowing RB Tiki Barber to walk unmolested into the End-Zone, the ‘Hawks gave Big Blue EVERY opportunity to win this game. But first, allow me to preface the first 4/5 of the game. Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck took full advantage of NY’s porous Secondary Sunday, connecting on 21 of his 37 attempts, for 2 TDs and 1 INT. The G-Men pressured ‘Beck all day, Sacking him 3 times. The Blue-D was staunch during the 1st half and for the most part… they managed to keep a lid on Nitro-Xplosive Running Back Shaun Alexander. But alas, you can keep a talent like “Alexander the Great” down for only so long, and he finished the day with 110 rushing yards and 1 TD. As I speculated, both ‘Beck and Shaun-A enjoyed solid… but certainly not gaudy days by anyone’s measure. WR Joe Jurevicius… well, Joey’ J. is another matter entirely. A former Giant himself, NY gave up on Jurevicius in much the same way they gave up on WRs Phil McConkey and Easy Ed McCaffrey. Both McConkey and Easy Ed went on to finish their careers in productive fashion with other teams, as is Jurevicius. Sunday, the one-time G-Man gouged his former team, matching his career high 137 receiving yards and adding a pair of 6’s. Quite arguably, the Giants seemed the better team Sunday. Eli Manning lived up to his lineage, ringing-up 344 passing yards, 2 scores and a single pick, while RB Tiki Barber ran all over Seattle and notched a suhweet’ 178 total yards. Tiki did not, however, find the End-Zone and it was his 2nd straight week without a score. With Barber zipping in and out of the Seattle backfield like a sewing-machine needle through fabric, the ‘Hawks had no answers for either TE Jeremy Shockey (10/127/1) or WR Plaxico Burress (6/109), and #2 pass catcher Amani Toomer (6/62/1, his 3rd straight week with a TD) took full advantage of the slack coverage. It was in the 4th Q’, though, with the score tied-up at 21 when the wheels fell off of NY’s wagon. With 1:23 remaining in the period, Coughlin allowed his Kicker to attempt a 40 yarder. Certainly NOT a chip-shot, but Feeley’s got leg. Natch', Feeley missed on the attempt, and after the ‘Hawks failed to move the ball… it was time for "bonus ball!" To make this long and painful story brief, One… two… three times the Field Goal charm? Nope’! Giant Kicker Jay Feeley missed 3 consecutive Field Goals, including a preposterous 54 yarder. Yet, even at mid-field, the Giant D stood firm and forced Seattle to punt. From his own 20, RB Tiki Barber ripped off a 49 yard scamper and was driven out of bounds only because… well, I don’t know… could be that after 4 hours of Football he was exhausted!?! After Feeley’s prior misses and with the Seahawks reeling and on the ropes following Barber’s long run, one would, naturally, assume that Coach Tom Coughlin would put his team in the best possible field position. And yet, that was not the case. Three conservative plays later, Feeley was lining up for yet another 45 yard try. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Feeley missed of course, and finally the ‘Hawks had had enough. They drove briskly downfield, Kicker Josh Brown drilled a 36 yard attempt, and “the fat lady was finally singing.” The blame for this loss falls not on Jay Feeley’s shoulder pads, however. The blame for this loss lays squarely across Coughlin’s desk. And make no mistake, this loss WILL be costly. Sunday, the Seahawks will "beak it out" with the Eagles. Assuming Philly’s Secondary continues its poor play, QB Matt Hasselbeck and WRs Joe Jurevicius and Bobby Engram are solid starts, and there’s a chance stud receiver Darrell Jackson returns to action. Should that be the case, and "D-Jax" is back in Uni', the Seattle passing game will again be a juggernaut. The Eags’ have had issues stopping the run as well. Green Bay wunderkind Samkon Gado gashed the boys from PA for 100+ yards this past week, and Shaun Alexander is an elite back. With TDs in every contest but two this season, “Alexander the Great” is looking to conquer Priest Holmes’s single-season TD record of 27. I, for one, will not bet against Shaun-A. Look for a line close to 125+/2. On the other side of the field, NY has another crucial Divvy' game against their arch-rival Cowboys. The ‘Boys looked good against the Denver Broncos on Thanksgiving Day, and the ‘Poke D is the team’s bread and butter. When last they mat, the younger Mann’ struggled. Look for a better game from a more mature Signal Caller. RB Tiki Barber has been a fantasy monster all season long, and he, TE Jeremy Shockey, and WRs Toomer and Burress are solid fantasy starts in what should be a fantastic tilt.

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis: “With Big Ben back at the helm... the Colts will have their hands full. This could be, my friends, the game that sees Indy's run at immortality end. However, RB Edgerrin James is playing at an incredibly high level, TE Dallas Clark has come on strong (he's good a play Monday) and the Steeler D-backfield will have enough trouble contending with both Marvelous and Reggie, and QB Peyton Manning seems to be peaking. … Ceding a miniscule 84 YPG, the Steeler run D is as tight as a Manhattan parking space. Still, with Peyton (playing brilliant ball)... how do you sit Edge'? Answer: You don't. Keep your hopes for James modest this week, though. Should they win this one... the team will ride a sick high... all the way to the SuperBowl.”

In no uncertain terms, Indy’ systematically dismantled Pittsburgh in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football. The Colt skill po’ collective had no trouble moving the ball against a supposedly stout Pitt’ D, while their own stingy D-unit kept a solid Steeler O' below 200 yards of total offense. Even with Big Ben Roethlisberger back in the lineup, the Steelers were unable to get anything going. On the very first play of the Colts’ first drive, Manning delivered a strike to a streaking Marvelous for an 80 yard TD… and Indy’ never looked back. This was more than a win for the Colts; this was a statement. In much the same way the convincing Week 9 thrashing they administered to the Patriots shook an 800 pound gorilla off of their backs, the whuppin’ they gave the Steelers Monday is a confidence booster; it affirms that they can beat the best the NFL has to offer. Peyton was sharp, throwing for 245 yards, 2 TDs and an INT, and RB Edgerrin James was workman-like, rushing for 124 yards on 29 carries (As stated, his fantasy production was “modest” and he failed to score for the first time since Week 2!). As they have been all season long, the Colt D was superb. The front 4 prevented Steeler back “Fast” Willie Parker from gaining his feet, holding him to a measly 43 rushing yards, and they refused to allow “The Bus” to gain traction (6/9). WR Hines Ward (3/28/1) was arguably the most productive of the Steeler starters; while fellow wideout Cedrick Wilson (3/44) had a handful more receiving yards… Ward found the End-Zone and was responsible for Pittsburgh’s only points. TE Heath Miller (4/26) continues to be a featured receiver, but the Colts clamped-down hard on him. Coming up this Sunday the Steelers will leap straight from Football’s frying pan and into its fire. Big Ben and mates have a date with Carson and the Cin’ City’ scoring machine! RB Willie Parker is a credible fantasy start as Cincy’s run D has been suspect, and both WR Hines Ward and TE Heath Miller are solid starts. Roethlisberger should have knocked off the accumulated rust… and both receivers should post solid diggies’ as this is a “must win” game for Pitt’. Indianapolis has a much easier tilt, for they draw the defensively anemic Titans. Normally, I’d urge caution as the Colt skill po’ players might receive more rest in order to keep them as fresh-legged as possible for their post-C’ run. However, with an undefeated season on the line… Edge’, Peyton, Reggie, Marvelous and Dallas Clark are all tremendous starts. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a 300+/3 TD game from Peyton, and a 125+/2 TD game from Edge’.

Cleveland at Minnesota: “Minny' has won 3 straight and is back in contention for a VERY bad NFC North. QB Brad Johnson hasn't been great... but he hasn't been horrid either, and RB Mewelde Moore (look for Moore to post solid fantasy numbers tomorrow) has enjoyed some success running the ball. Surprisingly, the Vikes' have been getting it done with their defense and Special Teams. Although Cleveland RB Reuben Droughns has been a fantasy monster of late, QB Trent Dilfer remains an achilles heel. In fact, the team ran rookie Charlie Frye out onto the field last week. I like Brown WR Braylon Edwards and RB Reuben Droughns as fantasy starts... but at Home, with a Playoff berth on the line, I think Minnesota will squeak out a 3-point W.”

Why does this game rate mention? Because with their 3rd straight W, Minnesota is back in NFC North contention. While I don’t expect them to beat… or overtake the defensive-minded Bears, Minnesota is making a strong Playoff run nevertheless. The Purple D has stepped it up in recent games… and they were downright impressive against the Browns this past week. Minny’ Sacked QB Trent Dilfer 5 times and picked him off twice (they also snagged an errant Charlie Frye pass). They forced a pair of Fumbles, defended 8 passes, held brutish Brown back Reuben Droughns to 3+ YPC and refused to let him score. S Darren Sharper is playing an excellent Centerfield, he picked-off another 2 passes and has recorded 6 INTs in his last 4 games. Cleveland’s leading receiver was TE Steve Heiden (5/55), and that, Browns fans, is alarming. Offensively, QB Brad Johnson (207, 3 TDs, 1 INT) has been efficient, he’s spreading the ball around (he found 5 different receivers, each recorded multiple receptions) and has developed an interesting rapport with tall WR Marcus Robinson. The former Raven receiver hauled in 3 receptions for 32 yards… and each reception was for a TD; heady stuff indeed! This coming week, Cleveland faces…. Ahh fugedaboudit’ (as NY’ers are wont to say). Does it really matter? Look for rookie QB Charlie Frye to see an increased workload. Veteran Signal Caller Trent Dilfer is fading fast, and the team would like to find out if Frye has the stuff to be a future franchise. The only Brown worth starting is RB Reuben Droughns… and against Jacksonville’s stout ground defense, he’s a #3/”Flex” back at best. The Vikes’ have an oh-so critical game with the Lions IN Mo-Town. While the Lions play well at Home… Minny’s on one helluva’ roll. Johnson is a legit’ #2 QB, and RB Mewelde Moore constitutes a so-so #3 RB.

New England at Kansas City: “New England has far too many defensive holes, particularly against the run, and the Chiefs have RB Larry Johnson. If ever there was a worthy successor to Priest Holmes... LJ's the man. Last week, (he) went super-freakin'-nova with a 210+/2 TD evening against the hapless Texans. This week... against a Patriot D that has hemorhaged ground yards at a rate of almost 120 per... there are few better RB starts. Johnson is, and should continue to be, a "Must Start" in all formats. In turn, QB Trent Green (has) had enough time to knock back a sandwich and soft drink... THEN throw downfield and find TE Tony Gonzalez. While the spirit is willing... The Pat' D will be unable. Look for yet another heroic performance from NE QB Tom Brady, and I again like TE Ben Watson as his target of choice. Still, KC QB TG, RB LJ, and TE TG are all "MS!" (Must Starts). Look for another shoot-out, with KC emerging victorious.”

What can I say that I haven’t said before? I will repeat one phrase, though. Ready? “Dynasty… Shmynasty.” The Patriot D has more holes than a block of Imported Swiss, and RB Larry Johnson (172 total yards, 1 TD) and QB Trent Green (323/1) managed to find several. The story of this game, surprisingly enough... brace yourselves, was the KC D! Yes, the D. A virtually non-existent Pat’ rushing attack was held to 74 yards. Scat-back Patrick Pass was the team’s leading rusher with 26 yards on 8 totes. In the “Sunday Morning chat,” RB Heath Evans’s value was raised. However, against a swift KC D and particularly stud rook’ ‘backer Derrick Johnson, I (and a number of chat participants) advised against starting the former ‘Phin castoff. Evans notched 11 rushing yards on 6 carries… and the Chief run D continues to be amongst the leagues’ best. It was, however, the horrifyingly bad Chief Secondary that made the difference Sunday, picking Tom Brady off… not once, not twice, ‘nope… not even thrice; yup’… err, “Fwice?” No… 4 times! Tom “Terrific” wasn’t so terrific Sunday. Brady threw for 248 yards with a TD, but his quartet of picks was, obviously, the most glaring stat. There’s a new chief Chief in town, and his name is Larry Johnson. LJ is a durable, workhorse back, eminently capable of 330+ touch season. Dude runs with a chip on his shoulder, and is just as happy to finish his run by finishing a defender. The KC run game pulled time off of the clock, and Pat’ QB Tom Brady was unable to develop any sort of rhythm. A weapon such as Larry Johnson is a valuable weapon indeed, and the entire team drew strength from their new feature back. This week, KC faces a stern test when they meet up with the Broncos. Will the Chiefs saddle the buckin’ Broncs’? Dunno’, and again… don’t care. It should, however, be a great game and will serve as a barometer for Denver. I would start QB Trent Green, TE Tony Gonzalez (Denver should have a hard time containing the physical TE), and RB Larry Johnson is a no-brainer. The Patriots, even at 6-5, are in 1st place in a VERY bad AFC East and they will knock heads with the Jets Sunday. This just in… the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets, are B-A-D Bad, Bad, Bad! Although Gang-Green put forth a valiant effort against the Saints on Sunday Night… coach Herm Edwards continues to make poor decisions, and the team continues to under-achieve. Edwards' willingness to accept half-assed efforts filters down to his charges, infecting them with a "mediocrity bug." The good news? With talents such as QB Matt Leinart and RB Reggie Bush heading the ’06 draft class, it’s almost in NY’s best interest to lose. Edwards is, however, a terrible game manager, and instead of talking contract extension (The Chiefs are reportedly interested in Edwards as a replacement for “Dicky Tears”)… the Jets should be looking for Edwards’ successor. But back to the matter at hand. Against the Jets this week, look for QB Tom Brady to hop back onto his high horse. A far lesser light in QB Aaron Brooks went SuperNova against the sad and sorry Jet Secondary this past weekend, igniting for a TD troika with no picks. Brady is a phenomenal 'phantasy weapon this weekend, while TE Ben Watson, and WRs Deion Branch and Tim Dwight should be solid starts. The "Million Dollar Question?" Whattup' with RB Corey Dillon? The Pat' back suffered a supposedly "mild" calf injury during the Week 10 win over Miami... and hasn't really been heard from since. Dillon could still be chillin' Sunday, his return to the field of play remains up in the air. But, with a Playoff berth still a very real possibility... if Dillon CAN play, expect him to. RB Heath Evans' lack of talent finally caught up with him last week.


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