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Peyton Manning: Coming off of a Bye, Manning should be as fresh as a 12 year old’s mouth. Manning may not be the irrepressible passer he was last season, but stewarding the league’s most dangerous O… there are few better fantasy starts. Manning has 9 TDs in his past 4 games, has thrown for 230 yards or more in 3 of those 4, and has worked to cut down on his foolish picks. After his record-setting season, it would seem as if Peyton felt capable of making virtually any throw, and felt as if he could toss the rock through a keyhole. Not so, and the Colt offense has been far more reliant upon running back Edgerrin James this year. This week Manning has a favorable fantasy fracas, as he’s on his way to New England. Expect Manning to dissect a vulnerable Patriot Secondary. A day of 275 yards and 3 TDs would certainly be in reach.

Carson Palmer: What would a “must start” QB list be without the young prodigy? Incomplete, that’s what. Palmer has a date with a bone-weary Baltimore unit on Sunday, and is trying to guide his franchise to their first 7-2 start in almost 2 decades. Far sturdier against the run than pass, the Ravens’ defensive “weakness” plays to the Bengals’ offensive strength. And, without S Ed Reed (Reed actually might start, check the IR) patrolling the Secondary and LB Ray Lewis hopping about the D-line (could there be anything more unnerving than Ray Lewis looking at you the way a ravenous man eyes a drumstick?), the “Palmer to Johnson” connection could well flourish. I would keep tabs on Chad’s shoulder injury, though. While he hasn’t notched a TD in 2 weeks, “CJ” remains a strong play… especially in “yardage leagues.”
In just his 2nd season, Carson Palmer is on a 4,000+/30+ pace. Simply amazing. While a matchup against the Ravens and their still-stiff pass D is somewhat less than ideal, Baltimore has lost to suspect Detroit, Chicago, and Tennessee offenses *Extra Point: As he was last week, #2 back Chris Perry is a reasonable “Flex” start. The kid’s got a great set of hands and more moves than a Vegas’ Call Girl. Coach Marvin Lewis likes to get Perry the ball on little swing and flat passes, allowing him to juke and jive his way through the D. Baltimore’s ‘Backer corps is still better than most, but the absence of Ray Lewis will hurt. Healthy and back to himself, WR T.J Houhman-yadayadayada is a solid start with Chad Johnson bound to attract the bulk of the coverage.

Kerry Collins: Collins has been taken at least 2 Sacks in every game but one, has fumbles in every game but two, top WR Randy Moss missed the entire 2nd half of Week 8 and is all kinds of nicked up (Seriously? The dude has groin, head, rib, and pelvis injuries) and prior to last weeks' game against the Titans, Collins had a total of 4 TDs in his past 5 contests. So what makes the guy a "must start?" A shoddy KC Secondary, an emerging Jerry Porter, and RB LaMont Jordan's blisteringly hot rushing attack. Posting his second straight game with a Passer Rating of 105+, Collins was a house a'fire last week and threw for 238 yards and 3 TDs (2 went to Porter, 1 to Jordan).With the understanding that the Chiefs cede almost 275 passing yards per game, look for RB LaMont Jordan to force a suspect Chief D to guard against the run, and for the entire Raider offense to pin its collective ears back and go-go-go. Collins should be good for at least 250/2.

Eli Manning: Manning has admittedly struggled in recent games. After looking more like Peyton than Eli at the start of the season…. Eli’s regressed a bit in his past 3 games. Those games were, however, against the cream of the NFL; Dallas, Denver and Washington. But even when the young “G-Mann” struggled… he got his act together, learned from his errors, and guided his team to victory in 2 of the last 3 games. Bolstered by rock-solid RB Tiki Barber and supported by an improving “Big Blue” defense, Manning has a chance to take this team deep into the playoffs. Looking no further ahead than Sunday, Manning’s a fine start against the Niner’s league-worst pass defense (315 passing yards per). WR Plaxico Burress should use and abuse the Niner DBs, and San Fran’ will have no answer for TE Jeremy Shockey. Here’s another QB with a shot at season-best diggies’.

Ben Roethlisberger: Big Ben certainly silenced his detractors in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football. “Said detractors” claimed that the Steel City Signal Caller had “limited passing ability; how else to explain 12-17 passing attempts per week?” Use the Steelers’ “Thunder and Lightning” running back combo of “Fast” Willie Parker and Jerome “The Bus” Bettis as a justification for limiting the 2nd year QB’s passing attempts. A devout believer in smashmouth Football, Coach Cowher likes to control the clock. Last week, Roethlisberger played a solid game (177/1/2) against a salty Balty’ D. This week, though, against a d-feated, d-pleted, and nearly d-ceased Green Bay team, Roethlisberger has a shot at a season-best game. *NOTE: Keep an eye on the injury report as Roethlisberger antagonized his already injured knee. MRI results are pending. ***NOTE: LATEST REPORTS STATE THAT ROETHLISBERGER WILL MISS THE NEXT 2 GAMES... BACKUP CHARLIE BATCH WILL BE UNDER CENTER. this places even greater value upon both RBs Willie Parker and Jerome Bettis.


Trent Green: Sunday, Green brushed aside his grief (his father passed away just days before) and hung what was, by far, his best outing of the year. San Diego managed to shut-down the much-lauded Chief rushing attack, and then they tried to stop Green. Coach Schottenheimer brought pressure from all over the field, and the Bolts' Sacked Green 4 times and forced him to cough up a fumble. And yet... Green was not to be stopped; the Kansas City Signal Caller was a man on a mission. Fantasy owners all over were giddy with delight when Green found both WR Eddie Kennison and TE Tony Gonzalez in the end-zone, and were made even happier by the bundle o' yards (347) Green banked on Sunday.This week, Green again faces the Oakland Raiders (KC won the 1st game, 23-17). When last the divisional rivals met, Green was 18/28 for 237 yards, with no TDs or INTs. It was a semi-listless effort from Green, as RBs Holmes and Johnson scored the Chiefs' only TDs. With RB Priest Holmes possibly sidelined with the curiously titled "head trauma," a heavy burden will be placed upon Green and the passing game. Look for a solid effort from the Chief passing attack. WR Eddie Kennison should again be a solid #3 WR/ "Flex" start.
*Extra Points: Like a $100 bill used for a bookmark, TE Tony Gonzalez's talents were being wasted as an extra blocker. As expected, "Gonzo" broke out with a season-best game last week (7/97/1)... and he should be a VERY solid start again this Sunday.

Tom Brady: Gotta’ tell ya’, I’m on the fence. Is Brady a “Suspect” start… or does he tip-toe over the razor-thin line and become a “2nd Tier start?” Tom “Terrific’s” tossed scoring strikes in every game but one, he’s notched 498 passing yards over the course of his last 2 games, and he hasn’t tossed a pick since Week 5. On the heels of a strong performance against Buffalo’s solid Pass defense (199 passing yards and a TD), and given the fact that he IS Tom Brady and benefits from both coach Belichik’s genius and a productive but not gaudy run game embodied in Corey Dillon, I’d run Brady out this week against the VERY stout In-D.

Matt Hasselbeck: Even with his top 2 Wideouts sidelined, Hasselbeck has been an efficient fantasy weapon. While RB Shaun Alexander is crossing the stripe at a mind-blowing pace and has been the center of understandable attention, ‘Beck has quietly begun to assemble a nice little streak of his own. The head ‘Hawk has thrown at least 1 TD pass in each of his last 4 games, and has 220+ passing yards in 5 of 6. Coming off of a Bye, Hasselbeck had an iffy Week 7 game against a resurgent Dallas D and is looking to re-assert himself against a surprisingly bad Arizona D. The Cards’ have been particularly vulnerable to the run, which would play quite nicely into the Seahawks’ hands… or claws… or whatever. Thus, they’ll have to bring a convention of defenders to the line in order to slow “Alexander the Great” down, and I look for Hasselbeck, WR Joe Jurevicius, and possibly TE Jerramy Stevens to record solid fantasy days.

Byron Leftwich: Over the course of his still-brief career, Leftwich has been something far short of a fantasy juggernaut. In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Lefty’s been somewhat of a disappointment (as an NFL’er also). But to be fair, the Jag’ Field General doesn’t have an embarrassment of pass catching riches at his disposal. The drafting of receivers Reggie Williams (’04) and Matt Jones (’05) was intended to rectify that issue, but Williams has been slow to develop and Jones is making a difficult transition from Quarterback to Wideout.
However, RB Fred Taylor still has rare jets and can find his way past the first level of defenders in a blink, WR Jimmy Smith is as reliable as mom’s Station Wagon, and unless my eyes deceive… ’04 4th round draft pick WR Ernest Wilford is blossoming into a legit’ vertical threat. Sunday, Lefty’ should be right against the awful Texans. With a W finally in their pockets, the pressure of avoiding a winless season is off. Leftwich and Co. should be fine fantasy starts Sunday.
*Extra Points: RB Fred Taylor, even after his 165 yard day, feels that his ankle is not quite right. Dude tore off a 71 yard run and averaged over 7 yards per tote Sunday. So, even at 75%, Taylor’s better than most backs who’re operating at 100%. With just 2 TDs on the season though, Taylor is far more valuable in yardage leagues. Look for another solid game from enormous (6-4/225) WR Ernest Wilford. In limited work, the emerging pass catcher averaged over 17 yards per reception.

Kyle Orton: It’s simply unbelievable to me that Orton rates this list… at least as anything other than a “suspect start.” However, aside from one 5 pick horror-show of a game against the Bengals, Orton has been remarkably solid. The rookie QB is poised, acceptably accurate (55+%), has limited his picks, and plays within himself. With scores in 4 consecutive games (TD passes in 5 of the Bears’ 7 games) and a face-off with a Saint team whose season has really spiraled out of control Sunday, Orton is a reasonable start. In other word… if you have a QB with a less than desirable tilt, Orton would be a solid replacement.


Jake Delhomme: Delhomme was UNstoppable and looked like a world-beater Sunday. But then again, the Minnesota Secondary is capable of making virtually any QB look like the second-coming of Y.A Tittle. Delhomme hung the 2nd best Passer Rating of his career (141.1); 341 passing yards, 3 TDs, no turnovers, and a mere 9 Incs’ will do wonders for a Signal Caller’s record. With 200+ passing yards in every game of the season, and 12 TD passes in his last 5 games… Delhomme has been a study in consistency. And if there’s anything a fantasy owner needs and respects, it’s consistency from his starters. This week, though, Jake and his Del-Homeys’ face a miserly Tampa Bay D-Unit; a unit that allows only 154 passing yards per. While RB Stephen Davis IS finding the end-zone, he runs as if he’s wearing cement snowshoes. This week, the run (TB yields a meager 75 rushing YPG) will set-up the pass. The Panther passing game stands to post its worst game of the season. If you have another starter on your bench… I’d consider using him.
*Extra Points: WR Steve Smith has been a fantasy weapon of mass destruction. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him, for if the cats are to score through the air… it’ll be because of Smith’s tremendous pass catching skills. Likewise, with RB Stephen Davis plodding along, look for RB DeShaun Foster to see more action. The speedy back adds a much-needed dimension to the rushing attack.

Brett Favre: The final score did zero justice to the game. Sunday, Brett Favre was whipped, whupped, Sacked, and just for good measure? Robbed! After tossing a career-worst (regular season) 5 picks, a fan ran out onto the field during the game’s waning moments and swiped the ball… right outta’ the Canton-bound QB’s hands. Favre was frustrated, overwhelmed, and even seemed overmatched at times. And this… this was a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. At his post-game press conference, Favre expressed his sorrow; “…This is way too difficult week-in and week-out.” Indeed, Brett seemed a beaten man. And, while NO Quarterback has ever brought more guts, more fire and more competitive drive to the field… what more does Favre need to do? What has he left to prove? There’s no way the guy packs it in mid-season… but quite clearly, Favre will again contemplate retirement. And this week, armed with a very limited contingent of skill po’ players, Favre’s a poor start against a stout Pittsburgh D. *Extra Point: WR Antonio Chatman had a solid game (6/97) last week with Donald Driver garnering most of the attention from the Cin’ City Secondary. He constitutes an iffy “Flex” play this week, though..

Donovan McNabb: Given McNabb’s ill skillz’ and the playaz’ that surround him… how does he come to make this list? D-Nabb’ is playing through the pain of a virtual shmorgasboard of injuries. Fab’ Nabb’s ailments include a bruised chest and ribs, a sore shin, and most significant- a sports hernia that continues to worsen and will require a surgical solution. Even though the guy’s a walking triage unit, he’s posted some solid performances and notched decie’ diggies’ of late. Over the course of the season, McNabb has averaged 290+ passing yards a game and owns a TD to INT ratio of 15:7. However, Philly’s run game has flown the coop, and because of RB Brian Westbrook’s ineffectiveness… the Eags’ have fielded a very predictable, very one dimensional offense. Need numbers? Nabb’s notched a downright silly 88 passing attempts in his last 2 tilts, his TD/INT ratio has evened out at 4:4 over that same span, and he has 48 or more passing attempts in 3 of his past 5 games. Making matters worse, top target Terrell Owens will likely be out Sunday with an ankle injury… and his status for Week 10 is highly questionable as well.
Look, the “don’t sit yer’ studs” rule is always a nagging question. But it’s not like the Eag’s are knockin’ heads with the Minnesota Vikings or San Francisco Forty-Niners this week. Philly’ has a tough-as-leather matchup with the Washington Redskins and their #1 ranked pass defense. Further, both NFC East teams are knotted-up with 4-3 records (with identical Home and Away records as well). In what amounts to a crucial contest for both franchises… if you DO have another starting-caliber Signal Caller, you just might wanna’ trot him out for this one.


Shaun Alexander: “Alexander the Great.” Wow, the Seattle Seahawks are already regretting their ill-informed decision to NOT lock him up to a long-term deal when they had the chance. Under the misguided belief that top backs were easily acquired or drafted, and admittedly this past off-season was a poor one for free agent runners, Seattle awarded their bread & butter runner a 1-year deal. Make no mistake, Alexander (his agent is currently in negotiations with Seattle) will either extort the Seahawks for every last Dime, or receive a “Mega-Millions” Lotto-Jackpot contract, and take his services to a back-strapped franchise. The stud C-Hawk has notched 3 games of 140+ rushing yards, a pair of 4 score games, and has 12 rushing TDs on the season. Alexander has scored in every game but Weeks 1 and 7. Against an Arizona squad that gave up the farm to rookie ‘Poke runner Marion Barber (120+ yards and 2 TDs) last week… just imagine the havoc Shaun-A will do!

LaDainian Tomlinson: Tomlinson is a versatile back and human wrecking-ball. LT has run for his scores, he’s caught TD passes, he’s thrown TD passes, and he’s done all 3 in a game… what can’t the Bolt’ back do? This week… pity the NY Jets because it ain’t Santa… it’s the San Diego triplets who’re comin’ to town! Giving up over 140 rushing yard per tilt, the Gang-Green D have hung their collective hats upon a fairly good pass defense. They have not, however, had to cover the likes of TE Antonio Gates yet. Look for Brees, WR Keenan McCardell, and Gates to force the Jets back on their heels, allowing Tomlinson lots of space underneath. The smart money says LT cruises on through the 100 yard mark, and squares away another duo of TDs; 1 will be a reception. *NOTE: Although this will probably become relegated to mere memory, Tomlinson has now gone 2 games without penetrating the “6 point promised land.” I fully expect that to change in grand style Sunday.

Edgerrin James: The Colt O has become increasingly reliant upon Edge’ and the rushing attack. The interesting thing is that even last season, during QB Peyton Manning’s record-setting campaign, it was James and the run game that made Peyton’s passing attack so deadly. Play-fakes, a lethal component of Peyton’s game, are effective because James is so effective. The entire offense is built around the run. Currently sitting upon a line of 801/8, with 19 receptions and 172 receiving yards, like a fine wine… James is only improving with age. He is on pace to break 1,700 rushing yards, and that would make ’05 a career year. How very timely, as James is playing on a 1 year, $8 Milly’ contract. With 140+ combined yards in his last 3 and 6 total TDs, James is a rock-solid start this week against a New England D that has been horrendous against the run. Yes, LB Tedy “Wanna” Bruschi’s back in the middle… but his support is more of the emotional ilk right now. Look for James to notch yet another multiple score game on what is shaping up to be a VERY good Monday Night’er.

Tiki Barber: In a league of hero-worshippers, what more does Tiki have to do to warrant notice? If his 206 yard, 1 TD effort against the staunch Washington Redskins doesn’t garner him national attention… than frankly, nothing will. Look for Barber to have another fine game, this time at the Forty-Niner’s expense.
*Extra Points: TE Jeremy Shockey and WR Plaxico Burress are excellent starts Sunday, and should give the Niners’ fits. Plax’ has 6” on the Frisco’ DBs, is big and tall enough to outmuscle virtually defender, and he’s been Manning’s favorite Red-Zone target. When motivated, Shockey is near impossible to cover… and he’s currently motivated and on pace for a career-best season.

LaMont Jordan: If only life were so easy. All Jordan had to do was ask. Granted, the guy had to ask… and ask… and ask, but finally, finally coach Norv Turner yielded and put the ball in his new feature backs’ hands. And my oh my, LaMont Jordan paid remarkable dividends. Over a 3 game span, Jordan has recorded 6 TDs; 5 rushing and 1 receiving. Jordan is an intriguing blend of power and speed; Jordan runs with excellent pad level, possesses fine hands, and has more wiggle than a bowl of Jell-O. Although Kansas City is better than expected against the run, their pass defense is abysmal. With Kerry “Air-Male” Collins under Center, and an all-star cast of pass catching characters, the Chiefs can ill-afford to commit extra defenders to the run. Look for LaMont Jordan, one of the league’s better receiving backs, to nail yet another D to his wall; my “Fantasy Magic-8 Ball” say’s it’s murky”… but 80 rushing yards and a pair of TDs are certainly within reach.
*Extra Point: With Randy Moss still limping along with his groin pull, WR Jerry Porter is hot off a 123 yard, 2 TD game (Titans) and should again be a solid fantasy start.


Larry Johnson: This may well be a seminal week for the Chief franchise. In’s “Football Chatter Forum,” I have laid-out what I feel is compelling reasoning for this suspicion. Briefly, chief Chief Priest Holmes certainly has a knack for finding the End-Zone (7 TDs on the year), but ALL of his stats are dropping like lead balloons. Holmes’ YPC average(3.8) is down almost a full yard (career 4.6), and his YPG average is off by over 15 yards a game. In his 8 games last season, Holmes averaged 111+ rushing yards… this season? Priest is notching 64 and change. After missing chunks of the past 2 seasons to injury, Holmes is again banged up and is listed as “Questionable” for Sunday’s game against Oakland. In a twin-killing (2 tilts against Oak.) last year, Larry Johnson recorded 4 TDs and 296 total yards on 45 carries and 7 grabs. Look for Larry “Lil J’” Johnson to execute a bloodless coup over the next 2 weeks, and quietly… oh so quietly, Johnson will become KC’s feature back… and Holmes’s workload will be diminished. And while I’m not claiming that Priest will retain zero value… the younger and at this point more explosive Johnson may well be the better fantasy (and real) weapon over the seasons’ 2nd half.

Kevin Jones: Funny… it’s funny to see “KJ’” listed as a “should start” RB. Of course… entering the season Mo-Town’s money-back was considered a stud runner, but troubles with the O-line, poor play from the Quarterback position, and KJ’s own running foibles have reduced him to a “spot-start.” And, against virtually any other opponent, Jones would be considered fantasy bench-meat. However, this week… the Lions look to maul a floundering, nearly pathetic Viking team. The Vikes’, besieged on and off the field and from all sides, surrender a preposterous 138 rushing yards per game. Even with a decimated Detroit receiving contingent and a washed-up Jeff Garcia under Center, Minny’s shabby D renders Jones a fine fantasy start. In addition, the Lion feature back had a solid showing last week (18 rushes, 66 yards, 1 TD) against a stout Chi-Town D. Look for KJ to come close to a C-Note and notch his 5th score of the season.

Warrick Dunn: Dunn’s done just about everything possible to help his team win, and he is, without doubt, Atlanta’s most valuable player. Although he’s found the End-Zone only twice, Dunn cranks out the yardage; Warrick has 100 or more rushing yards in 4 of the Falcs’ 7 contests, including a huge Week 7, 155 yard explosion against the Jets. Sunday, the Falcons takes flight against the Miami Dolphins. Without LBs Eddie Moore and Junior Seau (listed as questionable) amongst others, an already thin ‘Phin D becomes more vulnerable to the run.

Corey Dillon: It was a Patrick Pass injury, a pulled Hamstring, that forced Dillon into last week’s game during the 2nd half. Dillon zipped through a porous Bill run D on a bum ankle, and still posted 72 yards and a pair of scores. Although Dill’ hasn’t practiced in weeks, his ankle should be almost 100%. Look for the Pat’ back to have a solid, but not spectacular game against the Colts. There’s a solid chance that the Patriots will find themselves in a first-half hole, ergo they’ll be forced to abandon the run.

Chris Brown: Brown’s another iffy-start. He sandwiched 2 fine outings against Cincy’ (Week 6, 84/2) and Oakland (last week 97/1) around an awful game at Arizona (37 yards and a fumble). This week’s foe, Cleveland, positively bleeds ground yards at a rate of 133+ per game, but the fragile Brown will likely share the workload with RB Travis Henry. The more physical Henry, just back from a subby’ suspension, will probably get the red-zone work. The Titans have dropped 5 of their last 6 games, have committed bonehead penalties, and any hope for salvaging the season has fled; all that remains is pride. With an injury-ravaged receiving corps likely to provide little help, and QB Steve McNair bruised, battered (The Black & Silver turned McNair Black & Blue, Sacking him 6 times last week), and nearly beaten, look for coach Jeff Fisher to go run-heavy this week. The only reason Brown’s slotted here is because the Browns may be worse than the young Titans.

Clinton Portis: Clinton is like a see-saw; one week the dude is on the way up… the next, he’s on the way down. Last week, against what was widely believed to be a generous G-Man D, Portis notched a quartet of carries for 9 yards. The week before that, “C-Po’” eclipsed the century mark and hit the TD Trifecta against the Niner’s. Those Week 7 scores were, however, the only TDs Portis has recorded this season. Sunday, Portis and his Redskins look to rally against the floundering Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams are tied in the NFC East standings, and the outcome of this game is paramount to both teams… but moreso Philly (0-1 Divvy’ record, 1-2 Conf’ record). The Eags’ and their 21st ranked run D allow opposing backs to rack almost 125 yards per. Look for QB Mark Brunell and WR Santana Moss to force Philly’ to respect the pass, allotting Portis some room to roam. While he’s not a great start due to Washington’s numerous injuries and suspect receiving corps (after Moss, that is), C-Po’ should be a fine #2 RB / “Flex” start.


Stephen Davis: As mentioned before, Davis has eyes for the ‘Zone… but has struggled to gain yards. This week, the Jags’ cross swords with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs’ suffered utter humiliation last week when, as heavy favorites, they lost to a nearly punchless San Fran’chise by a score of 15-10. Davis may find the End-Zone Sunday, but after rolling up a paltry 40 rushing yards last week against the hapless Minnesota Viking Run D… I’d be inclined to sit him and start someone else. The Buccs’ boast the sturdiest run D in the league, allowing only 75 YPG.

Curtis Martin: Due to a passing game that comes within a short-hair of being “woeful,” opponents have been able to key upon the record-setting back. Vinnie’s not a legit’ Jet pilot… at least not at this stage of his career. He’s not Warren Moon or Steve DeBerg, both of whom played credible Football as greybeards.

Rudi Johnson: Yielding under a C-Note per game, the Baltimore run D has been one of the strongest in the league. Think of the Bengal offense as a “Boxer.” Rudi is the jab-jab-jab, and Palmer’s passing game serves as the upper-cut and roundhouse. Rudi has recorded a single 100 yard game, which came Week 1 against the Browns, and has a scant 2 TDs on the season. This week, I’d expect the passing game to serve as the offense’s linch-pin, and Rudi’s run game will be a mere distraction. That being said, he could see a G-Line tote or 2… ya’ never know.

Jamal Lewis: “J-Lew” is just not the back he was last season. The fact of the matter is, he’s averaging 2 ½ YPC and may never again be an “elite” runner. Lewis claims that his impending free agency has been weighing heavily upon him and is the reason for his poor season. I don’t buy it. Team observers believe that Lewis was unable to re-hab properly, and it may have career-long consequences.
Although the Ravens play the Bengals this week, Baltimore QB Anthony Wright’s up and down play allows foes to bring extra defenders up and into the box. At this point… I might consider taking a look at backup RB Chester Taylor. Taylor, at least, found the End-Zone last week on a fine catch, run, and dive into the ‘Zone.


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