Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I'm rather Bull-ish on Chicago SF Luol Deng. While Deng will prolly' be available in only the smallest of leagues, should he remain available... don't hesitate to snatch him up. Deng took a big elbow from Dallas Mav' Dirk Nowitzki, but soldiered on. Over his last 3 contests, Deng's done plenty; 71 points, 23 'boards, 5 steals, a block and a trio of treys.

While Luol won't record many dimes' (2) or blocks (1), the dude's a dead-on acurate shooter who will NOT hurt you with Fouls (4) or foolish turnovers (3). Over the same 3-game span, the 2nd year Forward shot 59% from the field and 89% from the charity stripe.

Again, Luol Deng will probably be on someone's roster if you belong to a 14 team league. But, if yer' in a 10-12 team league... you just might find this raging Bull awaiting "Claim." And, if Deng IS on a roster... he's an excellent "buy low" candidate. Before he really turns it on, WITHOUT insulting your league-mate... see if you can pry him loose for pennies on the dollar!

Need a BIG MAN O--> It's time to grab Sun PF Kurt Thomas.
With Amare Stoudamire on the shelf until February and Thomas finally playing up to his ability, he belongs on the 'Wire no more. Doin' that whole "last 3 game thang'," K-Thom's dropped 35 points, 36 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Steals, 5 Blocks, and is shooting 60%. Unfortunately, you must take a little bad with Thomas's "good." While the former Knick is relatively careful with the ball (5 TO's over the 3 games), he's rather prone-prevalent (13 over the 3 games). Still, given the dearth of big men in the league... and with the understanding that Thomas cleans up for an incredibly talented corps, Kurt Thomas is a solid snag.

2 quik' Point Guards;
Orlando's Jameer Nelson is doing nice things (in 2 tilts, 40 points, 7 boards, 10 Assists, 5 3's) in Stevie Franchise's absence, and with Bobby Simmons hobbled by an ankle injury... Mil' Buck Maurice Williams (In his last 3, 63 points, 20 Assists, 3 Steals, 8- 3's, shooting 51%) is making the most of his minnies'.


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