Saturday, December 03, 2005


So... your fantasy hoops team is set. You've got a playa' at every position, and are hooked with points, 'boards and dimes'. Frustratingly enough, though, your team lags behind in 3-Pointers. Not so uncommon! You don't have a Kyle Korver, Peja, Gilbert Arenas or Ray Allen. So... what's an owner to do?

Scan your roster... have you a position where you can "Flex" or start an extra position player who can garner you the needed treys'? And mind you... this same philosophy holds true for other values such as Blocks. The first strategy, obviously, is to deal from a position of strength and try and acquire a starter via trade. If you're fortunate enough to have 3 starting caliber Centers, for instance... don't hesitate to deal one! Likewise, if you enjoy a glut of Small Forwards... send one packing! If your team is suddenly swamped with injuries... I assure you, there's ALWAYS a Waiver Wire candidate to be had. And therein lies your next option; pore over the 'Wire with a fine-toothed comb.

Today's pick-up... Pacer SG Sarunas Jasikevicius. A 29 year-old "rookie"... and let's just call him "SJ" for short, the unpronounceable athlete is benefitting from Jamaal Tinsley's injury(s). SJ has ample International experience and like so many European players, he's fundamentally solid. In his last 2 games, SJ has 24 points, 8 boards, 6 Assists, 4 Steals, and he won't hurt you with Turnovers (3) or whistles (also 3). His Free Throw % is a tremendous 94%... and that's one of those sneaky lil' values that is so often overlooked, and he's shooting 48% from the field. However, we need 3's, right? Well in those 2 games, SJ drained a modest 5 of 8 attempts. The bigger picture is that SJ averages about 20... 22 minutes a game, and in 14 games he's dropped 20 of 43 attempts from downtown. While that may not sound very impressive... keep in mind that SJ's only gotten comfy' over the course of the last few games. Dude drilled 13 of those 20 trey's in his last 5 games, and is shooting over 50% from beyond the arc over that span! You can bet dollars to donuts that as SJ becomes more comfortable with both his teammates and the American style of B-Ball, his attempts and makes WILL escalate in impressive fashion.

At this point... I can't see SJ replacing the oft-injured Tinsley as the starter. However, SJ has nice value in deeper leagues due to his 3-point prowess and shooting %'s... and should Tinsley go down for any length of time... SJ immediately becomes a credible starter. For now, if your team needs 3's, you could do far worse than the unpronounceable Pacer!


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