Thursday, December 22, 2005


Better than Hamburger Helper, anyway!

Okay, I've pimped the following 'Wire grabs; Raptor F Charlie Villanueva (if not for PG Chris Paul, Chuck would be a near lock for Rookie of the Year), Sun F/G Boris Diaw (dude is having a great season!), 76'er C Sammy Dalembert (he was no secret, trading for... or grabbing him at the right time was the key), Pacer SG Sarunas Jasikevicius (been up and down, but he's a shooter), and so-so Hawk G Salim Stoudamire (on a terrible team, he's got to grow into his position).

I mentioned him before... I push him again- Houston SG Luther Head. With Rafer Alston still out with an injury, the young Rocket is igniting. Over the past 2 games, Luther Head's gotten bigger : )~
36 points, 9 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 4 Steals, and a whopping 8 3's. Luther's game is relatively clean for a youngster- he's shooting 40+% from downtown, he's drawn a scant 2 whistles, and he turned the ball over 2 and 3 times respectively.

Now that he's receiving starting minnies', 'Blazer SG Juan Dixon is lighting opposing defenders up. Using his last 3 games as a sample (he's averaged 41 minutes over the past 3, before this week he averaged 16 minutes per), Dixon notched 51 points, 9 'boards, 14 Assists, and 6 swipes'. The downside? Dixon MUST improve upon his accuracy- shooting .420 (AKA 42%), dude is not exactly Wyatt Earp. Further, Dixon gathers fouls like others do Easter Eggs. Over this trio of games we've been discussing, Juanny' D has drawn 11 whistles.

With Kareem Rush sidelined, Charlotte Bobcat PG Raymond Felton... a guy I mentioned earlier in the season, is again seeing quality floor time. The Cat's 5th overall pick this season is again flashing his intriguing versatility, and over his past 2 games (wherein he received 35+ minutes) Ray-Ray's drained 35 points, pulled down 11 'boards, dished 11 dimes', recorded 4 Steals (in 1 game), and swatted a pair. While Felton's shooting % is currently a ghastly 33%, getting into the flow of the game will help him find a rhythm and you can expect to see his accuracy improve dramatically.

Maaaannn, aside from stunningly talented PF Chris Bosh, the Raptors are an empty vessel; they're a thin group of Hoopsters lacking direction and a legit' fan base. However, alongside improving young master Bosh are rookies PF Charlie Villanueva and PG Jose Calderon. Doing yeoman's work and toiling in near anonymity- SF Morris Peterson. When Mo' Pete' was playing alongside hi-flyin' Vince Carter... the sky seemed the limit. Now, though, it's all the threesome can do to keep the Raptor's heads above water... and pray for a trade. Those in deep leagues should take a look at Pete' should he remain available. Over his last 5 contests, Mo Pete' has notched 68 points, 27 Rebounds, 15 Assists, 10 Steals, and 9 treys'. Peterson won't hurt you with fouls (averaging less than 2 per game) or foolish turnovers (also less than a pair per), and his shooting percentages are solid enuff'.

As mentioned previously, keep an eye on Clipper PG Shaun Livingston. The 6-7 PG belongs on a roster if you're in a deep league. Just rounding into shape following an unusual back injury... Livvy' projects to be a quailty 1-Guard. The 2nd year Clip' has tremendous court vision, rare size, and the ability to slash to the hoop and throw it down.... or kick-it out to the open man. So long as he remains healthy... and that's no easy feat for him, look for him to become a rock-solid fantasy player in the not too distant future!

Nuff' said for now!


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