Wednesday, December 21, 2005


First, allow me to preface. The New York Yankees have several needs to fill, but the acquisition of popular Red Sock (now former) Johnny Damon answers several of them. The "Caveman" affords the Bronx Bombers with a legit' lead-off hitter, and most significantly... Damon solves NY's perennial "Centerfield Problem." In addition, the soon to be clean-shaven and neatly-shorn ball player brings speed to the basepaths, swagger to the dugout, a solid Batting average and an enviable OBP to his new team. Damon may not be a big base stealer ala' Carl Crawford or Juan Pierre, but the dude can get from First to Third in a hurry!

Something the casual fan may not realize, however, is the damage this does to Boston's lineup. A formerly explosive 1-8 is now lacking in speed and pop. Further, the Yankees now boast their strongest lineup since the teams of '98 and '99, and woe to the #3-5 starters this Murderer's Row will punish. The KC, Tampa, Detroit, and other such weak-kneed squads are mere cannon-fodder for this group of mashers.

The Bombers now need to groom a successor to C Mariano Rivera, and to ascertain whether or not giant Lefty starter Randy Johnson's numbers were an awful aberration. Still, the Yankees are again the AL East team to beat!


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