Thursday, January 26, 2006


So Ron Artest has decided, in all of his infinite wisdom, that going to Sacramento is a good move.

I agree. Had Artest declined the move and nixed the trade not only would he have missed his chance at going to perhaps THE most posh NBA franchise in the league... the Pacers would have undoubtedly suspended him without pay and, in punitive fashion, sentenced him to life in a Basketball gulag such as Toronto. With little leverage, Artest should thank his lucky stars that Pacer Prez' Larry "Legend" Bird did right by him.
In return for a staunch, "in yer' face" defender (not to mention sour, up yer' ass personality), Indy receives a solid scoring option in Peja Stojakovic. Peja's diggies' have taken a tumble... and a change of scenery should do BOTH players a world of good.
The Kings will now be able to boast at least 1 credible defender, the Pacers will have a legit' shooter to pair up with a streaky and creaky Stephen Jackson and a powerful but sometimes surly Jermaine O'Neal, and all in all, this SHOULD be a win-win situation... assuming Ron Artest plays the role of "good citizen."


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