Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Oh this is tooooooo good! In fact, it's SO good that I couldn't have made it up.

According to ESPN Ron Artest has, apparently, contacted both the Pacers and the Kings and is refusing to go to Sacramento! Naturally, the Kings have backed out of the deal with all speed, not wishing to take a chance on bringing a malcontent player into the Locker Room.

The ill irony of the whole thing is that the knuckle-headeded Ron Artest is being paid for sitting on the bench and watching life speed by! Man, I wish I could get a job where I am compensated millions upon millions of dollars to watch others work!

Whether Stojakovic will suit up for the Kings tonight has yet to be determined... but the Pacers may take draconian measures against Artest such as suspending him for the remainder of the season WITHOUT pay.

ESPN Talking Head Jim Gray made it seem as if the entire deal is as dead as a fish, leaving Indy' with few options.


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