Saturday, January 14, 2006


Washington at Seattle: The 'Skins shot their load last week, QB Mark Brunell's seriously hobbled, and RB Clinton Portis may struggle against a VERY good run D led by rook' LB Lofa Tatupu. In fact, I'll wager that things get SO bad, Gibbs even tosses backup slinger Patrick Ramsey onto the field sometime... oh, mid-end of 3rd Q'.
The 'Skins will try and stack the box in order to make life difficult for Shaun-A', but 'Beck and the boys can get it done by themselves.
Seattle romps... after knocking some of the rust off.

New England at Denver: There's nothing easy about this game. I will give the edge to the Dalai Lamichik' and Tom Brady. The cold won't bug the Pats'... but the altitude might. I worry that Dillon's poor rushing day last week is indicative that his ankle is still balky. Nevertheless, look for the Patriots to spread the Denver D out with 4 and even 5 WRs... and Brady will pick upon weak links such BronCB rookie Dominique Foxworthy. In a squeaker... and again I see Big Ben Watson playing a Red-Zone role and RB Kevin Faulk seeing more action than he's accustomed to, New England edges Denver by a heartbeat.

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis: A pair of factors at work here. One, the Colts will be in the home Dome... and last they met, Pitt' stumbled and got whupped by 20 or so points. The raucous RCA Dome is as inhospitable a place as there is anywhere in the NFL... and when it gets rockin' and rollin', Big Ben and his fellow Steelers will again have trouble checking off, changing plays, picking up the blitz and getting off the ball as a cohesive unit. In addition, the Steeler game plan is to drop additional DBs into coverage and force Edgerrin James to beat them by his loneley ol' self. He'll be up to the task. The Steelers best shot is to pound away with Bettis and slash at the smallish Colt Secondary by tossing the ball to Willie and Hiney'... they have to rob the Colts of their strength, their team speed. IF the Steelers can win the time of possession game and keep the Indy O off of the field... they have a shot. Ben will, however, have to duplicate last week's heroics.

Carolina at Chicago: These teams also have a history... and the Bears blew 'em away. Look for the Bear D to put their collective foot on a fragile DeShaun Foster's neck and keep it there. WR Steve Smith hung huge diggies' last time they clashed... but failed to score. Again Chi-town will give Smith his receptions but not the 6'. Look for Sexy Rexxy to hook up with Muhsin Muhammed... the former Panther. "Moose" has something to prove. That, and RB Thomas Jones will pound away at the 'Lina line. The Panthers looked great against a poor offensive and injury thinned Giant team last week... let's see how they fare against a healthy, far more aggressive Bear squad


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