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Philly’s given Agent of Mass Destruction Drew Rosenhaus permission to seek a trade for Terrible Owens. Owens season ended in November when he was suspended for 4 games and then deactivated for the final 5 games of the year. It’ll be tough to trade Owens because other teams know the Eags’ will HAVE to cut him by March 1st.
If the Eags' elect NOT to cut ties with the human cancer that is T.O, he’ll be owed a 2.5 Milly’ signing bonus and a 5 Mill roster bonus by that date. Should he remain in the Eagle fold, Owens will have 5 years left on the 7 year deal he signed in WAAAAY back in of March ‘04... a contract that pays him a ridiculous $48.97 million beans.

Any team that signs Owens would have to either assume that deal or get him to agree to a more cap’ friendly deal. Fat chance of that happening! Teams that MIGHT consider Owens? Dallas, Tampa, maybe the Raiders I dunno-

Carson Palmer is out 8-9 months. Torn ACL and MCL. Apparently, Palmer’s injury is more complicated than the usual injury. It seems as if he dislocated the knee, and multiple liggies’ are involved. What a cryin' shame.

Jet Head Coaching Candidates:
The Short List: Herm took the Jets to the playoffs in 3 of the past 4 seasons, but a slew of injuries (12 players landed on IR this year with season-ending injuries… At one point, Herm went 4 straight weeks by starting post-game press with the phrase "so and so was lost for the year with a ....(fill in the injury of your choice).

Injuries played a role, but bone-headed moves, clock-management issues, a complete breakdown in team discipline and poor coaching decisions led to a 4-12 season and cost Herm his job. It was, indeed, time for Gang-Green to part with Herm.

1. Patriot D-Coordinator Eric Mangini: 35 year old Patriot D-Coordinator. Will he be able to whip an aging yet soft Jet corps into shape?
A. Terry Bradway, who claimed the whole coaching search to be an exciting… “change” is fortunate to still be drawing a paycheck with the Jet
logo on it.

***2. Former Packer Head Coach Mike Sherman: 61-47 with the Pack’. But has the game passed him by? Sherm’ was the only NFL coach whose team suffered more injuries than Herm’ … Herm… Sherm? Already I’m nervous. Anyway, Sherman suffered his 1st losing season in 6 seasons with the Packers. Tough and no-nonsense, could be a good fit. Won 3 straight NFC Central titles and never had a losing season until 2005. Here’s an interesting thought. Favre, who’s as close with his coach as a father to a son, could follow Sherm’ to NY… and that would solve 2 needs.

3. Former Saint Head Coach Jim Haslett: After 5 years as the Saint coach, he exits with a 48-52 record. NO Playoff experience. Leaving the team with a below average D… and no franchise caliber QB in sight. …As an aside, Lions are also talking to him and Gary Kubiak.

4. Interim Ram Head Coach Joe Vitt: After Martz was sidelined with an infection of a heart valve, Vitt led the virtually defenseless, QB-less, Ram team to a 4-7 record. After being a coordinator for 27 years…

5. Giant D-Coordinator Tim Lewis: Giant D-Coordinator. Highly sought after coaching commodity… no less than 3-4 teams have brought him in.

6. Former Vike’ Mike Tice: Lost control of the Vikings, discipline was an issue. Like Herm, he’s a “Player’s Coach” and the team needs a disciplinarian His Minny’ teams had a history of slow starts… and then pouring it on to bail him out. Such play and coaching won’t be tolerated after Herm’s reign.

7. Jet 1st year O-Coordinator Mike Heimerdinger: There was talk that he would be considered for Herm’s chair… highly unlikely. However, Heimerdinger COULD end up as Denver’s O-Coordinator if incumbent Gary Kubiak lands a Head Coaching gig somewhere.


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