Sunday, January 08, 2006


QB Jake Delhomme: If RB DeShaun Foster is unable to get going, Delhomme will struggle... ANY QB reduced to navigating a 1-dimensional O is sure to struggle. But if the Cat's O-Line can spring Foster and keep Giant DEs Strahan and Umenyiora at bay, Delhomme will pick a vulnerable Big Blue Secondary apart and hang something like 230/2-3.

RB Jerome Bettis: The Steelers can't allow the Bengs' to start pouring on the points. Coach Cowher will, likely, go to the smashmouth, hammer and anvil offensive system "The Bus" fits so well. Look for the Steelers to play the "time of possession" game by using Bettis and Willie Parker; the definitive "Thunder and Lightning" back combo.

RB Chris Perry: Now healthy, Perry will be a weapon the Steelers will be hard pressed to contain. Perry has blinding speed, more moves than a Vegas Call-Girl, and is a Running Back with a Wideout's hands. Coach Marv Lewis likes to line Perry up AS a Wide Receiver, and Cin' City will have to be somewhat unorthodox to beat the plodding... yet VERY effective Steelers.

WR Amani Toomer: With the Shock-Jock on one side, Plaxico Burress on the other, and the G-Men trying to get Tiki going early, Eli will find Amani in single-coverage... more than once! Toomer, the veteran and savvy pass-catcher that he is, could be the key to any Giant win.

WR Ricky Proehl: With Steve Smith attracting all the Secondary's attention, Proehl has come on like gang-busters in recent weeks. He should find the 'Zone today.

WR Chad Johnson: Dude is too talented to NOT hangs sick diggies'. Aside from snot-bubble-makin' Safety Troy Polamalu, ain't NO Steeler gonna be able to shutdown the ill-skilled Johnson.

WR T.J Houshmandzadeh: Much like Proehl, Houshy' benefits from Chad Johnson's deadly skills. A fine pass catcher in his own right, a somewhat sketchy Steeler Secondary will have to "pick their poison."[/b] If the Bengs' can score 21+ points... the Steelers will be unable to play catch-up ball... it's just not their style.

WR Hines Ward: They know that ball's going to him... yet their unable to stop him. Ward will be integral to a Steeler win.

TE Heath Miller: Miller was the hands-down BEST pass catching TE in this past draft. He rapidly digested the Pitt' playbook, and due to his size, speed, and hands... is the ideal Red-Zone weapon.


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