Monday, January 30, 2006


Having had his eye on NY Met Catcher Mike Piazza since last season's Winter meetings, Padre GM Kevin Towers kept his interest quiet, sat tight, and waited for his chance to pounce.

Although the 37 year old Catcher would've filled a number of glaring holes for the NY Yankees, NY GM Brian Cashman and deep-pocketed owner George Steinbrenner opted to pass on the Cooperstown-bound backstop. Why... therein lies a good question. Last season in 113 games, Piazza hung some very respectable numbers; .251/19/62.

For the Bronx Bombers, Piazza could've spelled an aging and defensively deficient Jorge Posada behind the dish 15 or so times over the course of the season. Without doubt, the 35 year-old Posada's bat has slowed down and he's always been criticized for calling a bad game. Furthermore, there's simply no way Posada's body can withstand another 140 games behind the plate. In addition, the acquisition of Piazza would've given the Yanks' a VERY competent DH... something former Centerfielder Bernie Williams is not. Bernie could've come off of the bench, Piazza could've been the regular DH, and Jason Giambi would've played 1st Base with regularity.
All this is, however, just a pipe-dream. It's also something that could come back to bite the Bomber brass on their arrogant ass.

For a mere (and I DO use the term loosely) 2 Mill' (and possibly another 750K if certain incentives are met), the Pads' get themselves a very credible stick, a 70-80 game Catcher, a 1st Bagger against some tuff' as leather Lefty's, and a DH for the 9 Inter-League games the team has scheduled. And should Mikey P' enjoy a renaissance season- San D' inked him to an $8 Milly' '07 option.
For this season, though, the team will shell out a guaranteed 1.25 Million and provide another $750,000 as a guaranteed "Buy-Out" clause should they opt NOT to pick-up Piazza's '07 option.
The aging Catcher will split the backstop duties with incumbent Doug Mirabelli.

All in all, for the money being paid, I'd say the Padres pulled-off a tremendous deal... a deal that as of today, makes them a much stronger ball club.

Unbelievable! The Yanks make suspect trades and sign guys like 2nd Sacker-turned-Outfielder Tony Womack, amongst others, to questionable big-buck deals... and turn away from sensible, dollar-decent deals.

Yankee General Manager Cashman has done NOTHING to distinguish himself... he's acquired suspect pitching and mediocre position players, and will probably be gone by the All-Star Break... if not sooner.


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