Thursday, January 26, 2006


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Michael Artsis and I have posted our 3rd "Sports Podcast."
Calling ourselves "The Sports Pod-Squad" we cover Fantasy Football Keepers and Fantasy Hoops, the AFC and NFC Championship games, we briefly preview the SuperBowl... along with the rest of the sporting world, we have another 10 days to pump up the 'Bowl volume, we discuss the Mets and Yankees, and we brush upon Fantasy Baseball draft strategy. Again, we have much time to discuss that! Simply go to click on "On Air," and click on "Sports Show 3."

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While it was close, I squeaked out a 2-0 "Pick 'Em" win. I did, project big days for TEs Jerramy Stevens and Heath Miller. It wasn't like saying "Shaun Alexander is going to have a big game... and if he does, the 'Hawks win." Likewise, I am pleased to have pointed out that LB Lofa Tatupu would make a game changing play... he did, by knocking RB Nick Goings senseless and out of the game .... and that was it for 'Lina. The 'Hawks blanketed WR Steve Smith in doub' and trip' coverage... b/c the Cats have no one else opposing defenders need be wary of. That game was a blowout and understandably so.
The Steeler score surprised me a bit... I did NOT think the Steelers would so handily dispatch Plummer. While I was confident the Steelers would win and wrote as much... I also wrote that there would be one of 2 possible turnouts; a tight to the vest game, decided by a Field Goal or less... or, with the Steelers' competent corps of pass catchers and RBs, a high scoring affair. It certainly turned out to be the latter. QB Ben Roethlisberger seems to be a rare talent; a leader of men and an ultra-competent Signal Caller. The next Tom Brady? Eh', maybe not. The next Troy Aikman or Jim Kelly? Quite possibly. Strong arm, very mobile and elusive for his size, can make all the throws including across his body and on the run... Big Ben has a VERY bright future. The Steelers probably won't win SuperBowl Extra-Large (it IS SuperBowl XL... and I can't help but think of it in "shirt-size" terms lol) because the Secondary remains a weak-link and Pitt' may be able to stuff Alexander... but Hasselbeck is capable of dismantling virtually any secondary... especially a potentially porous one such as Pitts'. The Steelers Secondary gets it done with smoke, mirrors, S Polamalu, and dropping backers like Clark Haggans and Larry Foote back into coverage. They disguise their Ds and this has proven to be very successful. Plummer proved to be an efficient Quarterback within the confines of Denver's offensive scheme. By no means, though, was Plummer a fantastic, brilliant, or stunning QB this season- he operated within the framework of his offense and that resulted in fewer turnovers. He, and the Denver Secondary outside of Champ, were exposed by Ward, Miller, Randle El and Cedrick Wilson... the run game set the passing game up... and I think the Steelers will have their very same game plan handed back to 'em by the Seahawks a week from this coming Sunday. Shaun-A will do JUST enough to make the playaction deadly and the passing game efficient. The no-name band of Seattle 'backers and "Who Dat' " D-Backfield should be able to keep a lid on Hines Ward... Heath Miller will prove to be a problem and he could well turnout to be the linchpin of the Steeler passing game, along with Wilson.

Either way, the game will be close... but I see Seattle slinking away with a 27-21 SuperBowl victory.


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