Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Having been given permission... if not an outright blessing to seek a trade for his client, WR Terrell Owens, "Agent of Mass Destruction" Drew Rosenhaus has reportedly been in contact with Bronco honcho Mike Shanahan.

Shanny' has never shied away from suspect personalities (CB Dale Carter and '05 3rd round pick RB Maurice Clarett, amongst others leap to mind), and the Mile-High offense is in desperate need of a pass-catching playmaker, specifically of the vertical threat variety. A legit' deep threat will help spring the run-game; North/South RB Mike Anderson eschews that "shake-n'-bake" stuff, and with the DBs forced to play back in order to better defend the pass... "Marine" Mike will be at full-speed, running downhill, and once past the line will be a horror-show to tackle. Likewise, without a Safety helping to stack the box, jitterbug-quik' RB Tatum "You Can Ring My" Bell will be able to snare a quick toss, explode through a hole, or bounce a pitch outside. And once Bell finds himself in open space... he's about as easy to corral as a Chicken on speed.
And... oh yes. Owens will also provide QB Jake Plummer with a quick-strike, sure-handed target; one unafraid to go over the middle, and one skilled enough to make the "Corner Fade" a Red-Zone staple.
As of today the team can boast;
1. WR Ashley Lelie: All the skill... a distinct lack of will?
2. WR Rod Smith: All hands, heart, and a peerless traash-talker... will he soon be ready for my Grandpa's old "Walker?"

As for the rest of Denver's pass catching contingent? They can trot-out David Terrell and Darius Watts, neither of whom would be considered to be a receiving specimen.

Without doubt ("sin duda" en espanol), Denver MUST bolster the Wideout corps... and will assuredly do so via the draft. However, by providing the Eagles with compensation for Owens... some help for the Secondary? A credible 3-down Runner?... A draft pick or two? The Broncs', or ANY franchise that assumes Owens and his antics for that matter, would also assume his current $49 million dollar deal. "Said" team would then, presumably, re-work the contract. Chances are quite good that TO's "new deal" would be heavy on incentives, light on guaranteed money, and laden with "behavior" clauses (not to be confused with the far more pleasant "Santa Clauses").

Another franchise that might be willing to take a gamble on Terrell Owens? The Miami Dolphins; a franchise that already fields a reasonably PO-tent O'. With an efficient and effective 2-headed running game embodied in RBs Ronnie Brown (the kid learned quite a bit from Williams) and veteran Ricky Williams (Sticky Ricky improved demonstrably as the season wore on), an above-average pair of pass catchers in Marty Booker and Chris Chambers (could be on the cusp of true stardom), and a top tier TE in Randy McMichael, the 'Phin O would go from "very good" to "explosive" the moment T.O straps on and steps onto the field.

Bottom line? Talent, be it athletic, musical, artistic or theatrical, rarely goes to waste no matter HOW much baggage it carries. Terrell WILL land someplace. The dude has been keeping a low profile in an effort to rehabilitate his image, and Owens IS a supremely conditioned, breath-takingly talented big-game player. Anyone recall his super-human, '05 SuperBowl XXXIX effort? After suffering a serious leg injury and missing the final 2 Regular Season tilts and every playoff game, the recalcitrant receiver played against Doctor's orders and put on a 9 grab, 122 yard pass-catching clinic. Unfortunately for he and his fellow Eags', the Patriots won the game.

All of that being said once (NOT if) T.O lands with a new team he'd better be a good citizen. Skills aside, at his age this could very well be his last chance.

Anyone who believes differently... check out where SF Latrell Sprewell is playing now. Spree', who turned down a big buck contract, has been reduced to playing with himself as he waits by the phone...


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