Monday, February 13, 2006


Friday's post, "The Jokeland Raiders" and Fantasy Baseball's 3rd Baseman," was posted early Friday morning. It was announced later that same day, sometime around 5:00/6:00 PM, that Oakland had indeed re-hired former player and head coach, Art Shell. Ergo, I was indeed correct that Al Davis was left with little choice and few options BUT to hire the man he;
A. should NEVER have let go-
B. was willing to take the position!

I state this NOT To pat myself on the back for making the call as it was almost self-apparent. Rather, I state this to make sure readers realize that the info' on this Blog is both current and timely.

When the piece posted, Shell's name was being knocked around Football circles (and apparently Al Davis' tiny skull), but there was nothing definitive to link him to the job.
I am only pleased to have been accurate.

And as for Green Bay slinger' Brett Favre, sources have stated that Brett will announce his retirement. When... well, that remains murky at best. I had stated in July's "Fantasy Football Positional Analysis; Quarterbacks" that "'d better enjoy watching the Green Bay gunslinger now, because there ain't gonna be a next year."
Apparently, that projection was on the money as well. Look, what does Favre have left to prove? Nothing. Do you think Favre really wants to be a part of the Packer rebuilding project? Uh-uh. And, for all intents and purposes the incumbent QB would serve as nothing more than a hurdle to Green Bay's intended end. With 2nd year man and former 1st round pick Aaron Rogers already in the fold and having learned at Brett's knee for the past year, the team would be far better served with its future over Center rather than its past.

It's been a joy, a pleasure, and a privilege to have watched Brett Favre develop from a '91 Falcon draft pick to a SuperBowl winning Quarterback. And, just like Walter Payton, John Elway, and Dan Marino... I can say that I watched one of the true "greats" come of age and play.

It's time for US to let go of Brett in much the same way it's time for Brett to let go of us.


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