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So here's my rant- On his HBO show "Inside Sports," host Bryant Gumble came out and stated that he would unequivocably NOT watch the Winter Games because they were, as he put it, a "sham." Gumble continued his angry, racist diatribe by demeaning the games as "sports that no one has any interest in" and that the "lack of black athletes" renders them "a mere show."

1. "Earth to Gumble, come in Gumble." There is no QUESTION in my mind that Gumble's racist comments were intended to be inflammatory.
If a caucasian sports analyst were to boastfully claim that he has "no interest in Basketball because there are so few white athletes" playing the game... he'd be handed his walking papers within minutes, run out of the business within days, and be branded a racist for life. No? Think Radio personality Rush Limbaugh will ever get a TV/Sports gig after his comments that "Eagle Donovan McNabb is nothing more than an average QB, but he's been put upon a pedestal because blacks are desirous of seeing a black QB succeed?" It so happens that Limbaugh was wrong, McNabb is far better than an "average" Signal Caller... but for our purposes, the sentiment may be the same... but the outcome has been VERY different. Everyone including my local Paperboy hopped up on a Soapbox and from their lofty perches, spit upon Limbaugh and castigated him for his clearly "racist and outdated beliefs." While Limbaugh may be guilty of ignorance and abuse of prescription meds... I truly don't believe his intent that Sunday so long ago was to demean McNabb for his color.
HOWEVER, where's the hue and cry about Gumble's reverse-racist comments? Where are the announcers, politicians and talking heads who leapt from the shadows to slide their knives into Limbaughs career? Gone, there are none, because in this politically correct American society, there's been a very palpable change... and there's no such thing as reverse discrimination. If there were, imbeciles such as former Hoopster Charles Barkley would be taken to task for saying stupid things such as "I don't know why anyone would want to go to Oaklahoma, there's nothing there besides redneck, in-breds... or words to a VERY similar effect. Barkley, Gumble, Reverand Al Sharpton- these are creatures of our own making. America's eagerness to make up for the sins of 200+ years of slavery, while admirable and necessary, SHOULD be at an end. There should no longer be quotas or "Affirmative Action" hiring. If anything, a black man or woman should be hired for a job NOT because a quota needs to be met, but because they are the best person for the position.

2. Getting back to Gumble... Earth to Gumble; the United States has a remarkable ratio of minority athletes that other nations, I.E Finland, Switzerland and Germany do NOT share. Furthermore, "sports" such as Downhill and Slalom Skiing, Bob-Sledding, Luge and Ice-Dancing just don't attract athletes of color- in this nation or any other. Who was the last Ice Skater from Kenya or Trinidad? The fact of the matter is, Gumble's refusal to watch the Winter Games is absolutely his perogative; it's his right as an American citizen. However, it is NOT fair that he urge viewers to share his ethno-centric viewpoints.

With luck, HBO will find the courage to confront Gumble about his obnoxiously one-sided and demeaning comments. But then again, in this politically correct, "over-eager for forgiveness" society of ours, it's highly unlikely. Instead, it's up to us as individuals to recognize and challenge racism when we see it... and acknowledge that it can come from sources and places other than Oaklahoma.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger statsman said...

Isn't it ironic that a few days after Gumbel spoke, a black American won gold for the first time! Gumbel's a dope, always has been.


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