Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Due to a decidedly unpleasant experience at the Oral Surgeon this past weekend wherein a pair of Wisdom teeth were painfully cut and then yanked outta' my head, I'm a little bit behind in my on-going series.

While the procedure would've been a joy for a Sado-masochist... for me? Eh', not so much. I also nearly managed to OD on Nitrous-Oxide. I received so much Novacaine that;

A. My left eye refused to blink for almost 40 minutes, thus necessitating the use of "Drye-Eye" solution.

B. I think I had a limp, couldn't feel anything on that whole left side, practically down to my foot.

While I'm recovering, I resemble a Chipmunk on an Acorn binge. Due to swelling, my head's almost perfectly round- remarkable!

Please look for the Shortstop installment to post by 8:00 PM this evening!

Thank-you for reading my Blog- I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!


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