Monday, February 27, 2006


When highly regarded Texas Longhorn QB Vince Young went looking for an agent, apparently he looked no further than his family's circle of friends.

Instead of hiring an established agent such as Tom Condon or even the hated Poston Brothers or "Agent of Mass Destruction," Drew Rosenhaus... Young hired the world-reknowned... Major Adams. What, did Adams enroll in an Internet "Sports Marketing" or "Distance Learning" program? How on earth could an allegedly bright kid with a mega-million buck future make such an egregious error in judgement?

Well, that leads us to the next point; Vince Young's intellect and maturity. Apparently, Young bombed the "Wonderlic Test". Now the Wonderlic is only one of a number of tests administered to fledgling Footballers, and while some teams afford it nominal weight... others think the measure is a very accurate predictor. Either way, Young scored a "16" on the exam. Many franchises won't even consider a QB with a score below 20. Which, by the way, leads us to a VERY good question; how is it that the media received Vince Young's Wonderlic results before many NFL GM's? The score(s) are supposed to be confidential, kept under virtual lock & key. It does seem that the youngster has grounds for a law suit, especially if his stock plummets due to the negative media attention.
All of that aside, an established agent of would've had his client prepared for the inevitable bombardment of questions, exams, tests, pokes and prods. But alas, the good "Major" is but a minor player in this game, and his hiring may be the most accurate predictor of Young's judgement and preparedness.

In addition to the above, we're also talking about a Signal Caller possessing a side-arm delivery (such a motion has NEVER translated to the NFL) who operated almost exclusively from the Shotgun, and who rarely connected with his Wideouts. Instead, Young had a penchant for his Tight Ends... and his "big game" performances were also somewhat suspect.

Vince Young has undoubtedly cost himself millions of dollars. While he'll have a pro day to recoup some of the lost funds... there's no way Young receives a contract correlational with his abilities. That, my fantasy friends, is a shame. While my heart doesn't break for a kid whose signing bonus is a tenfold-multiple of my yearly income, I do feel that players entering the NFL are besieged by sharks and continue to receive advice that contradicts their best interests.

No one could have saved Young from himself as this was his decision. HOWEVER, the NFL players should start to look a bit deeper into the "protection" the Player's Union is providing them with.... because the way it looks to me, the Player's Union has allowed its members to get the shaft time and time again.


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