Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Remembering Puckett

On Sunday, we learned that former Twin and forever legend Kirby Puckett was in critical condition after suffering a stroke.
On Monday, loved ones and friends such as Ken Griffey Jr. visited an unconscious Kirby to pay their respects to a man no fellow ball player could, or would, say a cross word about.
On Tuesday, after being ferried from one hospital to another, Puckett died; 45 years old.

Today, while driving to a Doctor's appointment, I was listening to ESPN Radio as I generally do... hey, Wifey' hates it but I get my sports fix! Anyway, I was appalled hear Host Colin Cowher grind Puckett under his boot heel. "One thing I hate and have no respect for" Cowher said, "abusing women and cruelty to animals."
While I agree that both actions are disgusting, give it a day Cowher! Secondly, Kirby was NEVER convicted of battery! It's no secret that Puckett had an altercation or 3 with his ex-wife and a girlfriend, but Puckett sought counseling... and even relocated to Arizona from his adopted state of Minnesota.

Behind Kirby Puckett's smile may have been a tortured soul; one never knows. However, there's no question that the former Twin gave much to the game, much to his teammates, and everything to his fans.

Before dumping on Puckett for crimes he did his best to ammend for... give it a day!

Kirby Puckett: March 14, 1960 - March 7, 2006
Debut Game: May 8, 1984
Final Game: September 28, 1995

Lifetime Batting Average: .318, with 2,304 hits, 1,085 RBI and 1,071 Runs Scored.


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