Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gang-Green Caught Looking At Bush?

My oh my sports fans! Although the Jets are riddled with holes and needs, none other than former Heisman Trophy winner and alleged #1 draft pick, RB Reggie Bush was working out for the team yesterday! Obviously, this would indicate a number of things.
1. The Jets are seriously pondering trading out of their current draft position of 4.

2. The Texans, owners of the 1st overall pick in this years' draft, are in even worse roster shape than New York. With experts predicting that a high number of contributing players will be available in the 3-5th rounds, Houston would be able to plug a number of holes by turning their 1st pick into... multiple picks.

3. Perhaps Houston's most glaring need is at Offensive Tackle. With QB David Carr going down more times than a Vegas call-girl last season... not to mention the whuppin' he's been subjected to in years prior, the Texans MUST keep Carr both healthy and grass-stain free. An OT such as Virginia's highly touted D'Brickashaw Ferguson, a talent who's already being compared to legends such as the Rams' Orlando Pace and Balty's Jonathan Ogden, should be available at #4... not coincidentally, the Jet slot. Further, with proven 1,000 yard back Domanick Davis AND last year's 3rd round pick, RB Vernand Morency, already in the Texan fold, Houston can certainly forego a high round runner.

4. After securing Patrick Ramsey from Washington, and with a returning Chad Pennington, the Quarterback position is presumably set. However, RB Curtis Martin finally looked his age last season; he was lacking his trademark burst and was seemingly unable to shake tacklers.

Folks, 2 + 2= 4, and where there's smoke there's fire! Although the Jets could use a playmaking 'Backer or a 10-year Offensive lineman, RB Reggie Bush possesses the potential to be the most explosive talent the league has seen in years. Bush looks a lot like Ram 'back Marshall Faulk did in his prime... but Reggie has even more speed and explosiveness. Couple his running skills with his ability to line-up as a receiver... another glaring need for Mr. Mangini, and Presto-Change-O! Pick #4 plus a minimum of 2-3 other high picks in this and possibly next year's draft will net the Jets some Bush!


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