Friday, April 21, 2006


After the 33-49 embarrassment that was the 2004-'05 New York Knickerbockers, what did we learn from this season, Knick fans?

We haven't made the playoffs since 2003 season when we snuck into the post-season with a sub-.500 record, and things look pretty gloomy for the foreseeable future, that's what. This year's 23 win abomination was the worst Knick team in 2 decades or so, and oh yes, we also learned one more thing; ISAIAH THOMAS MUST GO!

Let's be straight-up blunt, shall we? Coach Larry Brown did a terrible job with the club this season, no knowlegable Hoops fan will dispute that. But I am compelled to wonder, just what in G-d's good name did "LB," Thomas, and Garden Veep' James Dolan discuss during all those summer pow-wows that were held at Brown's East Hampton home? Given the state of things, Basketball wasn't on the itinerary!

Breaking some things down in greater detail;
1. The Eddy Curry Deal: The Knicks acquired the offensive-minded Center and Antonio Davis in exchange for Tim Thomas, who is undoubtedly a guy Larry would love to have on his roster, Michael Sweetney, Jermaine Jackson, this year's 1st round pick... and a pair of 2nd round selections ('07 and '09). While I don't bemoan the loss of Sweetney or Jackson, Thomas' grit, ability to rebound, and willingness to just about anything to help his team was something this Knick club certainly could've used. But how egregious is it that Thomas overlooked the potentiality of the Knicks receiving an '06 lottery pick?
What are Isaiah's qualifications after all? He is the man who ran the Continental Basketball Association into the ground and out of business, did bupkiss as the Vice Prez' of the Raptors (okay, so he drafted Vince Carter), and posted .500-ish records as coach of the Pacers before getting axed from that gig.

2. Not Protecting the 1st Round Pick: Without doubt, the Bulls are giddy that in exchange for a high-priced, defensively-challenged Center with a scary heart condition, they will receive... at the very least, the #3 pick in this year's draft.

3. No Regrets: Isaiah was just quoted as saying, "there's nothing about this season that I regret. I would make do everything I did all over again, in exactly the same way." This means that Thomas has no regrets over a 23 win season and that, my friends, is the absolute height of hubris.


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