Thursday, April 20, 2006


Finding hurlers capable of contributing to a fantasy team isn't always easy. However, there are several gems... and baubles, sprinkled throughout the Waiver Wire.
Is your team in need of a solid #3 arm or spot starter? Let's take a quick perusal and see who might be available in your league...

Starting Pitchers:

San Francisco Giants; Jamey Wright: Neither gem nor bauble be, but Jamey could be "Mr. Wright" for another game or 3! With wins in his first 2 starts and an ERA of 3 flat, the 11 year vet' goes for W #3 tonight in 'Zona. See how he fares. I don't think he can keep this up, but should Wright does pick up another win... or even a decent no-decision, he'll be a worthwhile stop-gap grab.

St. Louis Cardinals; Jason Marquis: Allowing an average of 5 hits and 2 ERs per game, Marquis has recorded a trio of wins. Bolstered by a scary-good offense led by All-World slugger Albie' Pujols, Marquis should continue to receive adequate run support. Keep in mind that the Cards' haven't knocked the stuffing out of the ball when he's pitched, but they have played well enough to make the 28 year old a worthy spot starter.

Milwaukee Brewers; Chris Capuano: Contingent upon the depth of your league, Capuano should be available. That being said, if he continues to toss the pill as he has been he won't be a 'Wire resident for long. Cap' has been pretty darn' good but has suffered a pair of tough-luck losses. Over the span of his 4 starts, the guy has blown away 28 batters (dating from his most recent start to his 1st, 8, 6, 7 and 7 K games) and is 2-2 with an ERA of 3.46. A very solid mixed-league option.

San Diego Padres; Chris Young: Here again, Young's availability will be contingent upon the depth of your league. After allowing 4 earned runs in his 1st start against the Rockies while in hitter friendly Colorado, Young toughened-up. The kid 1-hit the Marlins over 6+ innings in his 2nd start and then got his revenge against the Rockies by scattering 5 hits and 2 runs in his 2nd win of the season. An excellent grab, Young looks to be "Keeper" material at this early juncture.


NY Mets; Brian Bannister: If he can maintain his poise the 2nd time through the league, Bannister has 15 Win po'.

Los Angeles Dodgers; Brad Penny: The Dodgers' crappy O renders Penny a Nickle and Dime pickup. Still, he's a high strikeout hurler who has enjoyed some success and knows how to get out of tight spots.

Washington Nationals; John Patterson: A mixed bag so far, Patterson's most recent start was a 13 K, 3 hit, 1 run gem!

Minnesota Twins; Scott Baker: Minny' has a strong young pitcher in Baker who has permitted just 6 ERs in his 3 starts. His command is solid as evidenced by a mere 4 Walks over the 3 game sample, and he's got strikeout stuff. He'll have his ups and downs, but he also looks like a future #2.


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