Friday, May 26, 2006


It's Memorial Day weekend. Time for Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Corn on the Cob, Tomato Salad... and time to deal.

After 45 or so games you know, within reason anyway, where your team's strengths and weaknesses lie. Turning a blind eye to a lack of Stolen Bases, for instance, and hoping that Julio Lugo turns on the jets and makes up for lost time (something I am currently doing) is unwise at best and could cost you a full place or 2 at worst.
It's now time to deal from a position of strength and bolster a position of weakness. With a little more than 2/3 of the season remaining, an owner can gain a helluva' lotta' ground between now and September! The key is to be aggressive but even-handed. Don't hesitate to talk a player up and don't hesitate to point out another owner's weaknesses, without being insulting.

There's nothing I detest more than receiving a trade offer a Chimp would decline; Andy Pettitte for Albert Pujols? What... are you kidding me? Even though Andy will likely turn it around, Pujols is a fantasy Weapon of Mass Destruction.
Spend 20 minutes, pore over the standings and carefully examine your leagues' rosters. If you boast 6 Outfielders but can only play 4... send Magglio Ordonez packing and add a crucial 3rd Closer. ***(Is Chad Cordero or Fernando Rodney available in your league? Either might be 'Wire meat, incidentally) In turn, cruise the waiver Wire at least 3 times per week; many owners do so daily. As a "for instance," Yankee Catcher Jorge Posada suffered a serious leg injury. In order to maintain pace, an owner might be forced to cut a quality Middle-Infielder in order to add a Catcher.

Now, people, is when Fantasy Baseball Championships are won... now is the time to be decisive and not lok back. If you don't... you'll be apt to look back around August and wonder why you opted to keep 2 1st Basemen and didn't add a Starting Pitcher!


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