Friday, May 19, 2006


Many have yet to see the video of Jason Terry's costly infraction... but I DID see the video, Terry DID punch Finley in "the cubes," and the suspension is absolutely justified.

Terry might've been angered by what he perceived to be Finley leaning or "accidentally" tripping over him while he was on the floor, but that's not a justifiation for for a closed fist shot to the groin. Lord knows you don't have to actually punch a pecker to disable its owner... all you've gotta' do is come near it. In fact, even the mere threat of a shot to the nuts can disable some weaker men.

Terry, a player who the Mavs' have relied upon throughout this series, may well have cost himself... and his teammates, a shot at the Conference Finals because he was unable to restrain himself.

A good call and a completely legit' suspension.


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