Friday, May 19, 2006


LeBron James, the most pysically developed 21 year old I have ever seen, has already reached "greatness."

Some of the NBA's true post-pubsecent prodigies?

1. Oscar "The Big O" Robertson: A 6-5/220 freak o' early 60's nature. They just didn't make athletes of O's gargantuan size back in those days, and he was thus big enough, and skilled enough, to average a 30.8/12.5/11.4 Triple-Double as a sophomore during the '61-'62 season.

2. Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain: At 7-1, Stilt' was a giant amongst men... even when on the hardwood, the big-man's stomping ground. Chamberlain hung a simply eye-popping 37.6 points and 27 'boards per game.

3. Shaquille O'Neal: Without a doubt the most dominant Center of this generation, the "Big Aristotle" dropped 23.4 points and hauled in a hair under 14 rebounds per game as a rook'.

We all knew it was coming for we'd been given ample notice. Do you recall when James' High School games received national coverage? So it's no surprise that King James is enjoying such success, but what has been a bit of a shock is LeBron's humility, poise, and eagerness to give his teammates credit. Are the Cavaliers a "great" team? Certainly not, but PGs Damon Jones, Eric Snow, SGs Larry Hughes and Lamond Murray, PFs Drew Gooden and Donyell Marshall, and C Zydrunas Ilgauskas mesh awfully well due to the glue that is LeBron and his preposterous play.

After dropping 2 games to the powerful Pistons, James escorted his gaggle of Cavs' to a trio of consecutive wins including Wednesday's gut-churning 2 point victory. A victory made possible by LeBron James' 32 points and last second dish to Drew Gooden for the winning basket. Now, just 1 win away from the Eastern Conference Finals and with the previously arrogant Pistons doubting themselves and misfiring, the 21 year old prodigy has a chance to accomplish that which countless other would-be stars never did; LeBron James, single-handedly, may take his team from last place to... dare I say it? The NBA Finals. A journey based almost entirely sheerly upon will... sheer will and a healthy dose of absurd, once-in-a-generation talent.


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