Monday, May 15, 2006


With 4 years at roughly $10 mill' per, the Knicks are reportedly looking into buying coach Larry Brown out of his contract after just a single season of work.

Brown came out at the conclusion of the team's horrid 23 win '05-'06 season and stated the obvious; "we stink." But, should one of the league's pre-eminent coaches be given his walking papers for chiding a group of overpaid, underperfomers?

A. These aren't "Larry Brown" type players. They don't play a lick of defense, and, with the rare exception, as a whole the team has an aversion to hustling.

B. Never one to keep his mouth closed, PG Stephon Marbury sparred publicly with his coach all season, refused to adhere to Brown's coaching style, and is really a 2-Guard masquerading as a Point Guard. Worse still, the pampered Point' has vowed to return to his "Star-Bury" personae. I presume that means he'll shoot first and ask questions later. So... I ask you, what will be different from this past season?

Meanwhile, should it be any secret that GM Isaiah Thomas, a "company man" through and through, has designs upon being both GM and Coach? Would it come as any great surprise to discover that Thomas approached his know-nothing boss, James Dolan, and stated that "we can't have our coach openly criticize our organization and players?"
A megalomaniac if ever there was one, Thomas did zip, zilch and zero with the Raptors, he proceeded to run the CBA into the ground and out of business, and of course, Thomas' stint with the Indiana Pacers was punctuated by... by... by what, exactly?

"The Dolan Gang" had done absolutely nothing to inspire confidence that they were capable of assembling a competitive Knick team. Nothing, that is, until they hired "LB." A proven winner, if any coach is capable of whipping New York's motley ensemble of players into shape it's Brown. And what, precisely, is the NY Knick team comprised of? What, exactly, was Brown given to work with? A ghastly group of Shooting Guards, a bunch of awkward Forwards, and an over-hyped, 1-dimensional Center in Eddy Curry.
Fans can question Brown's reluctance to play younger players and knock his substitution schemes, but what fans cannot question is the fact that the coach was forced to work with Isaiah's mug hanging over his shoulder, and that's the kind of looming presence that'd send any tactician over the edge.

When Thomas began to manipulate the Knick roster things, at least initially, started to look up. But then Isaiah made 1 trade too many... Thomas micro-managed and out-smarted himself. With PF Keith Van Horn finally healthy, meshing with his Knick teammates, and playing good Basketball, Thomas shipped both he and C Michael Doleac off to Milwaukee and acquired C Nazr Mohammed and PF Tim Thomas. Given the fact that the NY Knicks boast nary a white player, Thomas's motives might be called into question. Interestingly, neither player remains a Knick and both Mohammed and Thomas are now playing for perennial Playoff contenders.

While I'm not prepared to call Isaiah a racist, I will unequivocably state that he's unfit to serve as both Knick GM and Coach. His record as a GM, both past and present, speaks for itself. Further, I will also state that should the new Knick era begin with Isaiah Thomas as it's unquestioned leader, he will rapidly become the teams' judge, it's jury, and ultimately... it's executioner.


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