Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The Pistons are making the Miami Heat look far more dominant then they really are.

Now, that's NOT to say that the Heat haven't played good ball, because they've been "thisclose" to brilliant.
Shaquille O'Neal? The big man mau not be the player he was 5 years ago... but he remains a force.
SG Dwyane Wade? He may be the most exciting and complete young player in the game, King James included.
PG Jason Williams... well, he runs hot and cold. but...
PF Udonis Haslem is as disruptive a force as any team can boast, and talk about depth? Daaaammmn! 'Twan Walker, Gary Payton, 'Zo, and Michael Doleac??? Okay, maybe not Michael Doleac, but... wow, Riley's got a team... and, apparently, a head full of ceramic (bullet-proof?) hair.

The Pistons; the Wallace boys, Chauncey Billups, Rip' Hamilton and Antonio McDyess, whose played a critical role... there's a team that is aging and not gracefully. A little too much wear, a bit of tear, and not a star among them. The closest that franchise comes to fielding a true "star" is... resident headcase 'Sheed Wallace, maybe?
Ben Wallace? He's been chatted up as a Hall of Famer, but he's so one-dimensional that he practically disappears when he turns sideways.
Chauncey Billups... a sweet shooter and under-appreciated, but not a star.
Richard Hamilton? Maybe the best mid-range jumper in the game... but again, not a star.

Unlike the rivetting Sun / Maverick series, that duel holds little drama, but why??
Maybe it's because Shawn Marion does EVERYTHING (and well), Tim Thomas is a journeyman who finally found a home and everyone loves an under-dog, Boris Diaw has blossomed into a legit' powerhouse over the span of a single season, and watching Leandro Barbosa dart to the hoop is like watching a drop of water run down a window-pane. Or, maybe it's because reigning MVP Steve Nash holds the key to his teams' winning... or losing.
Is it the players or is it the close tilts that make the Suns and Heat such a compelling watch?

It's easy to slide to the edge of your couch when Phoenix snaps off a handful of fast-break points and the Mavericks counter with their nimble 7-footer, Dirk Nowitzki. If Shaq' dominates and captivates because of his sheer size, then "The Giant German" grabs attention because.... because he's a 7-footer who can put the ball on the floor and drive to the hoop like a small forward, shoot like a Guard, and defend like a Center. Small Forward Josh Howard looks a helluva' lot like Shawn Marion Jr., and PG Jason Terry... well, when he gets hot he's capable of keeping the Mavericks in any contest, single-handedly

Unlike the Spurs and their star, Tim Duncan, a man possessing the magentism of a Turnip, each player on the Mavs, Suns, and Heat are likeable.
Shaquille O'Neal; It's easy to hope that he gets another ring with Miami, for that will see his name put alongside legends such as Oscar "Big O" Robertson, Julius "Dr. J" Irving, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (not the former Dolphin Running Back).
How 'bout Dwyane Wade? That dude has zero regard for his well-being and tosses his body around like a drunken Sorority girl does confetti on New Year's Eve! He also has this knack for dropping the circus shot as gravity pulls his smallish body earthward.
Udonis Haslem? Have I mentioned the Cornrows?

Steve Nash? That guy could make a 12 year old look like an All-Star, he seems down to Earth, and what about his Dutch Paintboy haircut?
Shawn Marion? That guy's game is tighter than a Nun's knees, and he flies higher than a coked-up Pigeon!
Boris Diaw? Tell me it's not nice to see hard work get someone somewhere!
Raja Bell? Tell me that Phoenix didn't play better ball with him back in the lineup... tell me that team didn't play with a bit more pep in their collective step!
Tim Thomas? Can that guy bury it from the top of the key? And, if ANYONE'S coming down with the big rebounds... it's Tim. His physical play and solid shooting certainly made the difference in the Laker series!
Leandro Barbosa? The fastest guy in the league... watching him slip and slide through the paint and hit his lay-ups was wonderful!

Dirk Nowitzki? If there's a more agile 7 foot germanic speaking Hoopster, I'd like to meet him. That guy is truly talented. He has the sweetest shot for a man of his size, and I... a 5-5 33 year old, could take a bath in one of his size 20-whatever Nikes.
Josh Howard? Coming on and coming on strong. A solid ball-handler, eager to administer a "Full Facial Dunk" to any foe, and a throwback ball defender.
Jerry Stackhouse? Not nearly as likeable as the others I mentioned, but he's got a little bit more left in the tank then Miami's Gary Payton... and a credible scoring op'.
Jason Terry? A draftmate of Shawn Marion's, Terry can get the whole team rolling with his perimeter shooting... and that can be exciting.
DeSagana Diop? Do you know another player from Senegal? How many of you even know where Senegal is? At 7-0/285, he can make a Shooting Guard think twice about entering the lane... and Diop has come down with some key boards and recorded some clutch blocks.

I don't know about you... but I can't wait to see if the Pistons will give Miami the Coup de' Grace tonight, and with the Mavericks and Suns about to engage in a "Best of 3" series... I'm ordering Pizza, Chinese, Mexican (will Game 7 Mexican even be necessary?) and stockin' up on the Arizona Ginseng Ice-Tea (Okay, maybe a 6 of Sam Adams)!


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