Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Perhaps I should've looked into Dalembert's contract as closely as I did Bosh's.
Although it's not insurmountable, the 'Sixers signed Dalembert to a 6 year/$58 Milly' dollar deal. He is signed through... err', 2011.
Dalembert, who IS a bright and coachable young talent, has a contract that is 2nd only to AI's in terms of dollar figure. Kyle Korver, curiously enuff', has the 3rd richest contract on the team at $27 Mill'.

Further complicating matters, I can't see Philly' being interested in any Sun player with the exceptions of, perhaps, Bell and Barbosa. C-Webb' has changed his game entirely and is as impressive a PF as I've seen, Korver shot 43% from the floor and 42% from distance, and G/F Andre Iguodala has great upside. But, so long as Iverson stays healthy which is no guarantee given his age and the way he throws his little self around, that team will go through him... and only him.

Looks like the Suns will have to find their big man and backup Point' elsewhere... Maybe, the Cats' would part with a VERY talented Primoz Brezec? He's signed thru '07 and makes a VERY cap' friendly 8 and change!


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